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    Chasing smallies with spinning gear is new to me. I have been an avid flyfisherman for 20 years. I am now really enjoying the Kankakee wading and in my drift boat.
  1. The knot will be pretty big to go thru the guides if you are netting a fish and it takes another run. I would recommend a 12" length of 15lb-20lb Maxima mono that is connected to the fly line with a needle knot (or nail knot) and then a perfection loop is tied on the other end of this 12" piece. The best is to finish your knots off with a dab of "UV Knot Sense". This stuff makes a smooth coating for the knot which allows it to go thru guides very smoothly. You can then add and remove leaders with a loop to loop connection.
  2. Wow. Good to know. I appreciate the heads up. Al
  3. Hi, Thank you for the referral. I am going to contact both guides mentioned and try to work out a trip soon. Al
  4. HI Mike, Its good to know you agree with Steve... high praise! Thanks for the reply. Al
  5. Thank you Steve, I appreciate the info. I will give him a call. Al
  6. Can anyone recommend a good guide for the Door County, Wisc. area? Thanks, Al Taylor
  7. Mark G is right, you need a better hat/coat ect. The other trick I have used is to wear a turtleneck shirt as an base layer (synthetic of course) and insert a handwarmer in the neck collar in the back... really works!
  8. I am a HUGE fan of Boga. There is no doubt in my mind it has saved lots of steelhead for me. It is perfect for pike, for obvious reasons. I also use it for SM if I need time to get a camera ready or if there is a crankbait with a bunch of nasty treble hooks to remove. I also think the Boga is well worth the extra cost.
  9. Given the recent weather... is this event still on?
  10. Joe, Are you still interested in a drift boat... I have some ideas for you if you do. Al
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