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  1. Thank you for all who attended, donated, and volunteered. It was another successful night for the conservation of our rivers and smallmouth bass.
  2. I think the dream is your subconscious telling you to move out of the big city and take up permanent residence in the Northwoods.
  3. I go with texposed as snagging = higher costs, more pollution, and less time with your lure in the zone. That elastech plastic is pretty soft so getting the hook through and into a fish is pretty easy. That does look like a good hook system. For my money I still like the value and effectiveness of the Charlie brewer slider heads.
  4. We should probably add that 90% of it is wadeable at regular to lower than average water levels.
  5. You can always go to Wisconsin to fish where the access laws are simple. Stay within the high water line and you are legal on any stream or river. I'm not sure why our state is different and confusing.
  6. It was nice to run into you and chatting for a while Joe. I did pick up 6 more on Christmas day so the fishing is picking up as the water temps rise. Perhaps we can get out together in our kayaks sometime in 2020. It's a lot easier with 2 cars at 2 bridges versus riding a bike or paddling upstream.
  7. This event is cancelled. The decision is easy as every branch is unsafe for floating not even close to fishable. This won't be able to be rescheduled for 2 weeks at least. That's too bad because September can be a great month to fish the Kish for smallmouth
  8. I understand. We did get some heavy rain last night and more on the way tonight. All branches came up significantly except the deep south branch. I could end up rescheduling if we get pounded by rain tonight.
  9. Ok ,I will move this float outing up to Saturday. The time and meeting place stay the same. There is an outfitter if you need to rent any equipment. I have a extra stuff also.
  10. At this point no one has jumped on expressing interest in going out on Sunday. I did have someone reach out to me and said that they could do it on Saturday. Would this trip garner more interest of we moved it up to Saturday? Feel free to call me if you have any questions about this outing. Paul T 815-540-7775.
  11. Well done Bill. That sums the 2019 ISA roadtrip. Scott does deserve a big thank you for handling all of the little details that go into making this happen and making it a success. There is pretty good value there considering the cost versus the quality of the cabin and its location.
  12. Here's a few more non-fishing related pics from my wife's camera. Here is the best group pic I could find. We never did pose for one. We saw eagles pretty every day. One landed on the opposite shore and hung out there for a long time. She just happened to catch the tail end of a sturgeon jumping. I saw a bunch of sturgeon both swimming and jumping.
  13. This was only my 2nd time fishing that section of river. You definitely had to work hard for the fish. I was able to establish a slow but steady pattern focusing on the middle 1/3 of the river. I only caught fish on 2 lures, the large sized chug bug and the big TRD in green pumpkin. There was a lot of grass floating down river the 3 days I fished and other topwaters like the whopper plopper would get fouled quickly. I could cast the chug bug perpendicular to the current and fish it slow drifting the same speed of the current. This kept it pretty clean and seemed to work. The average size was really good as most fish were 16-20". The best advice I can give someone fishing that section is to learn what mid river current breaks look like and how to fish them effectively. That could be some boils formed by boulders or a sudden change in depth or current speed. A lot of these spots are subtle but they hold quality fish. My best 3 went 20" ,19.5" and 19" which are pictured below and came within a 1/4 mile of the cabin. I was able to catch my wife a walleye for a fresh fish dinner. Its hard to beat the quality of a walleye coming from a clean Northwoods river and going from flopping to oven in 10 minutes. I had to pull out early for work the last day but was able to capture a nice sunrise behind the cabin. Slow fishing or not this is a pretty special river.
  14. That's a lot of quality bronze. I can't wait to get up there this weekend. Leave a few without holes in their lip if you can.
  15. This Saturday we had 11 anglers get together to fish the Kishwaukee River in search of smallmouth bass or anything else that would bite. We started with a hearty breakfast and then broke up into 3 groups to hit different areas. Stan led a group of 4 flyfisherman on the main branch, I led a group of 4 on the north branch, and Terry led a group of 3 that focused mainly on the south branch. The weather and water levels were perfect for wading and we found some smallmouth willing to come out and play. The action was slow but we would pick up one here and one there with a few decent sized ones to keep it interesting. When you add it all up our group caught about 2 dozen smallmouth with a handful in the 15-17" range and everyone caught a few fish. I did get 2 on the whopper plopper right away when the sun was still low but we never really established a good topwater bite. Dragging plastics like ned rigs and hula grubs was the most productive for our group. We did have 2 pike encounters as Jared had one follow right to his feet and Eugene had one bite him off under a tree. The section we fished was full of life as we could see quillback, suckers, clams, frogs, and minnow in the water everywhere we went. The highlights for me was helping Jared sight fish a nice 16" smallmouth. It followed my topwater but wouldn't commit to hitting it. I pointed it out to Jared and told him to cast a few feet in front with the ned rig. I watched it swim over and then flare its gills then the battle was on. The other highlight was getting back to my car and seeing a handwriting thank you note from Eugene. You're welcome and that means a lot to me as an unpaid volunteer of the club. Most of the time I fish alone on the river but I do enjoy the stories and comradery of fishing with others at times.
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