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  1. Paul Trybul

    Keep your hands warmer

    I love the winter fishing passion. It's tough in winter conditions but the peace and tranquility can be worth the effort. There could be a window this weekend to fish in milder conditions. You don't have to worry about other people in your spots.
  2. Paul Trybul

    NW Region 3rd Saturday Breakfast Meet

    All this talk about the B&G but do they have one of these? Count me in either way.
  3. Paul Trybul

    NW Region 3rd Saturday Breakfast Meet

    It will too cold for your birthday suit
  4. Paul Trybul

    Bronze Friday

    The temperatures are actually going to pretty decent on Friday & Saturday. There is a chance of rain unfortunately. Is anyone going to try to get out and fish on Friday? I know I won't be getting up early to be fighting the crowds while holding my wife's purse just to save a few bucks.
  5. Paul Trybul

    NW Region 3rd Saturday Breakfast Meet

    I have to eat breakfast so I might as well eat with you guys.
  6. Paul Trybul


    I've done best with chatterbaits in conditions where the water is stained and the fish are feeding relatively shallow.
  7. Paul Trybul

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    Death before mono. 8-10# braid or superline will work well in most smallmouth river conditions.
  8. Paul Trybul

    Can I legally Fish the Kish?

    We have breached this subject a few times. The laws in IL are pretty outdated. You can debate there are Federal laws that provide access to any river that can be floated. In IL however you might need a lawyer to have that debate for you. The Kish supports a Canoe outfitter so if there were trespassing problems they would have a tough time running a business.
  9. Paul Trybul

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    I saw them float by the cabin on Saturday and they launched right after us at the T.I. launch on Sunday morning.
  10. Paul Trybul

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    Thanks for leading a group Joe. I was thinking about staying our longer to see if some tougher access areas had more biting fish. Unfortunately when I got back to my car and checked my phone it had about a dozen missed calls and messages. Turns out the jerks in my fantasy football league changed the draft day from Sunday to Saturday but forgot to tell me.
  11. Paul Trybul

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    We had a nice turnout for our Kishwaukee River wade outing on Saturday. Thank you for all who participated. We met for breakfast to get fueled up for our wade while telling fishing stories. Then we broke up into 3 groups with a group going to each branch of the Kishwaukee. I had a diverse group of ages and fishing styles so I led a group of 4 on the main branch. It offered relatively easy access and let everyone spread out giving plenty of space to the fly fisherman. I'm not used to fishing that slow as we picked apart a one mile stretch over 6 hours. Numbers were pretty low but I did get 3 decent ones in the 16"-16.5" range on a whopper plopper. We also had an encounter with 2 huge snapping turtles in an epic wrestling match. These 2 were going at it for quite a while and were still at it when we left. I wasn't about to get in the middle and try to break it up.
  12. Paul Trybul

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    I'm getting some calls on the Kish outing so it looks like we will have a decent turnout. The rain has been pretty light in the Rockford area so everything should be a go for tomorrow.
  13. Paul Trybul

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    My wife and I spent 4 days, 3 nights up at the ISA road trip cottage. A big thank you to Norm Perkins for gifting a few days of the trip. Thank you to the rest of the crew for letting my wife and I stay in the honeymoon suite with the private screened in deck and Jacuzzi tub. It was a very enjoyable trip with outstanding weather, conversation, food, fishing, exploring, and general comradery. Norm was just arriving as we were leaving and I did get to pick Ken's brain a little before he left. Here was the crew that I stayed with: Although I did some fishing this was more of a relaxing and exploring type of get away for the two of us. We spent every night around the campfire having a few drinks, telling stories, and joking around. A nice section of river is right in the back yard of the cottage. The first morning I woke up to catch the sunrise for this view. I caught maybe 60 bass over the trip. The best 2 came within view of the cottage. These were 19"+ fish and it speaks to the quality of the location. I did a long float with Mike on a day my wife went to visit her Aunt in Wausau. It is a nice section of river and we did ok. You had to work for your fish but I put the time in and was rewarded with around 2 dozen with 3 that were 18" or better. The next day we all went out and floated a section and worked out a shuttle. Fishing was slower but there were plenty of nice smallmouth caught. This leads me to technique as these fish were a little particular. There was a lot of talk of the whopper plopper. So much so that my wife wanted to create a drinking game where everyone had to chug every time someone said whopper plopper. I tried the plopper plenty but only caught 3. They all happened to be 18" or better but its wasn't the best thing going. I was my most productive dragging bottom with larger profile natural colored plastics on sliderheads. After a riffle section when the river got deeper and slower, was the most productive for me. I focused on the middle 1/3 of the river and would work 2 rods. This isn't for everyone as you can easily become a hot mess fishing this way. I was able to avoid snagging for the most part along with not tangling and not having 2 fish on at the same time. The last day my wife and I explored some waterfalls as there is about a dozen in the area. It is absolutely gorgeous up there hiking about some of the natural areas. Water levels are low right now and I'm sure the waterfalls would be more spectacular in high water conditions. I did bring my rod on one of the waterfall hikes. I caught around 10 smallmouths out of one hole. I also caught 2 fish in one cast. I was reeling in a smallmouth and a northern pike attacked my smallmouth head first and would not let go. Would not let go to the point where I was able to grab the pike and separate the two even though the pike was never actually hooked. I felt like I had a quality Northwoods experience and wish I could have stayed longer. I can't imagine there are too many places in the Midwest more picturesque to fish.
  14. Paul Trybul

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    All the branches of the Kish look good for wading right now. They are calling for a little rain on Friday so we will need to monitor that. I'm looking forward to fishing with some fellow smallmouth enthusiasts. Hoping for good weather, good river conditions, and feeding fish.
  15. Paul Trybul

    News For Ned Riggers

    I know the ned rig was designed to pair up with the mushroom head jig. That doesn't mean you have to go that direction. I've been pairing the Elaztech plastics with the Charlie brewer slider heads and a dab of glue and I've been getting good snag resistant performance.