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  1. I found this sign the other day and it was a blast from the past. I grew up in DeKalb County which consists of the origin and 80% of what makes up the south branch of the Kish. Back in 1988, I was a Junior in High School who basically just got his driver license. That event expanded my fishing opportunities as I could now drive and explore more areas of the Kish. That year there was an unfortunate event, as a pig farm had an earthen levy break releasing thousands of gallons of manure into the south branch of the Kish. This resulted in a 100% kill all the way up to Rockford. This was more than a fish kill, as it killed everything down to the crayfish and micro organisms. With help from the farmer and local clubs like the Shabbona Sportsmans Club fish were stocked back into system. The fishery was fragile and just rebuilding so these signs were posted at all the bridges and parks and left up for several years after the kill. I feel these signs really helped as it created a culture of catch and release before catch and release was really that popular. The South Branch has recovered at this point. Let it serve as a reminder as to how things can change and just how fragile our waterways are. Something many of us enjoy can be taken away in the blink of an eye and take years to get back.
  2. This Saturday the Northwest Region had it first fishing outing of the 2019 season. Conditions were far from perfect and that may have kept some away. It was me, Ken S and Eric G for breakfast at Cherry Valley. Eric had some morning plans but he was hoping to get out solo in the afternoon. So it ended up just being Ken S & I for the day. We ended up floating about a 5 mile section and then we hiked/waded another mile. The river conditions we pretty good from a water level and visibility standpoint. Our biggest challenges were the massive cold front that hit 3 days prior and the stiff wind that was in our face most of the day. The wind was so strong at times that it overpowered the current and blew us upstream. Some of the straight open areas had whitecaps on the river. Casting accuracy was inconsistent as a sudden gust could place your cast 6 feet off of target. Despite the challenges we faced, Ken and I caught a lot of smallmouth bass and they had a decent average size. Total numbers came out at 30 smallmouth and 1 largemouth bass. The best 2 fish were around 18" and only 1 was under 12". Most fell in the 14-16" range and were thick and healthy looking. The numbers sound good but to say we worked for our fish is an understatement. We worked hard for our fish over 8 hours of paddling, hiking and struggling with board control. I caught my first bass of the day on a jerkbait but every fish after that came on the ned rig. Ken also did best on the ned rig but caught some on a swimbait including his biggest. At the end of day I felt like I had a quality outdoor experience. We got plenty of exercise, fresh air, plus bird and wildlife sightings. There was one area towards the end where we saw 4 bald eagles. Here is a pic of Ken S with one of the better smallmouth of the day. He took most of the pics so perhaps Ken could add some later.
  3. Yes, we still plan to meet for breakfast in Cherry Valley at 9am. It looks like we survived the rain. There is a slight uptick in flow. A little stain to the water could be good as it was running very clear earlier in the week. So clear that stealth and long casts were the key. Water temps will be mid to upper 40's. It doesn't look like we'll have a big turnout but it only takes 2 to work out a shuttle.
  4. We would love to have you if it works out Joe. We can help with a shuttle so you don't have to ride your bike. We survived that awful weather event yesterday. One more shot of rain tonight so we'll see how it goes.
  5. For those interested in floating the Kish this Saturday, the river is in great shape right now. It is at a good float level and running very clear fro springtime. I've been poking around here and there and have caught several smallmouth 17-18" range. The fish are spreading out which makes float fishing a productive way to go after them. There is some rain coming in the next two days so we will need to keep and eye on the river conditions.
  6. I'll be there as the leader of this floatilla along with my father. River conditions are looking good for floating as the water is surprising clear for this time of year. Several 16-18" fish have been caught recently and things should get better as it warms up.
  7. I'm interested. Are we planning to met at the Cheery Valley Café?
  8. I was pilling on. As a long time Bears fan, its part of my grieving process. The 2018 Bears was a very likeable team with likeable personalities staring with Coach Nagy. They were in every game and played a very entertaining brand of football. It's a shame the way it ended.
  9. I heard Cody Parkey was in big hurry to get out of town after missing that game winning FG. I guess he just couldn't help himself. I heard he also send out 100 facebook apologies to Bears fans for missing the game winner. He only meant to send it once but he kept hitting post.
  10. Anyone seen that Bird Box movie on Netflix? That's no way to go through life.
  11. Back in the day I would make the drive down to Pekin, IL and fish Powerton Lake between Christmas and New Years. It used to be great smallmouth fishing by the warm water discharge but something changed. Does anyone catch smallies out of Powerton anymore?
  12. I caught a handfull of smallmouth bass yesterday, if that gives anyone hope.
  13. I love the winter fishing passion. It's tough in winter conditions but the peace and tranquility can be worth the effort. There could be a window this weekend to fish in milder conditions. You don't have to worry about other people in your spots.
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