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  1. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    My son and I can make it. We have a hard stop at 10am as we are volunteering at the recycling center at 10:15am. Hopefully the service is prompt. Nobody ask for extra lingenberries.
  2. One of our own passed

    I had the opportunity to fish with Dave at Powerton Lake when I first became an ISA member. He was very generous with his knowledge of the lake as I was a first timer there. He will be missed.
  3. Topwater bat

    I saw some of those at Dicks when I was picking up a whopper plopper. They looked like they were designed more to catch fisherman than fish. Based on that and the price tag, I took a pass. I'm sure put in the right locations at the right time they could catch fish.
  4. Camp Kish 2017

    Looks like a pretty good turn out for this event. I'll give those attending a little insight into my observations on the Kish recently. I've been dabbling a little bit here and there over the past 2 weeks trying different times, locations, and presentations. Conditions are excellent right now as we have had minimal rain over the past month. I scouted the north branch yesterday and it is finally looking good with low clear water. The fishing was excellent as well. This make all branches of the Kish (North, South & Main branches) in play for this weekend. The south branch was the first to lower and clear. It may be so low that wading could be the best option. Floating could result in many areas where you will need to get out and drag through riffles. The lower south branch near Rockford, North branch, and main branch should be all prime for floating and wading. All of your favorite presentations should work as well. My biggest fish have been coming on topwater. I've been playing around with the smaller sized whopper plopper and have experienced excellent results. It is so easy to fish. Its like a buzzbait you can fish slow and pause. So much easier on my wrists and elbows than walking the dog. In a recent taste test, Kishwakee river smallmouth preferred the whopper plopper almost 2:1 over traditional poppers and soft plastics. Green pumpkin colored soft plastics have worked well also in places where topwaters are challenged (deep holes, tight to structure, heavy current). Minnow profiles have been out producing craw patterns. Here are a few picture of the better specimen caught this week: An 18.5" caught first thing in the morning A chunky 17" caught on the whopper plopper mid day Interesting observation on the north branch as a train with a crane was removing logs off the center piling support the train bridge in Cherry Valley. This activity forced me to fish a different spot which worked out very well. I look forward to meeting up with fellow ISA members over the weekend. Good luck to all and enjoy the beautiful weather and conditions the Kishwaukee river and this weekend will offer.
  5. Camp Kish 2017

    I plan to participate in some way. That most likely won't involve sleeping in a tent as I have a warm bed 15 minutes away from this location. I figure with the time it would take to load up my camping gear, set it up and then take it back down, I could just drive home and sleep there. I know I'm probably opening myself up to man card revoking. However, I would like to fish with you guys, help with shuttles, make supply runs, tell stories around the campfire, etc. And yes Kevin I agree, the season will be far from then end in the middle if September. There should still be a few of those special fall days left to enjoy. I catch more big smallmouth on the Kish in late September into October, than I do the rest of the year combined.
  6. Lucky Hat

    It sounds like you fished that stretch that is very toothy for the first 1/2 and then opens up into some nice bass water. There is no doubt the increased flows this year have allowed for easy migrations. Pike fishing has been good as well as I have caught 11 pike over my last 4 outings on Rock tribs, Kish included. Best pike was mid 30's out of some pretty skinny water. This is coming from a guy that doesn't really target pike either. Conversely I have not been doing as well up on the main branch here in Rockford. They will come back to me sometime in the fall.
  7. Lucky Hat

    Encouraging report Joe. We could have helped you with a shuttle instead of doing that bike riding thing.The fishing on Saturday for us was steady but not on fire. Was the on fire bite on the Des Plaines, Kish , or both? Personally I have never caught, hooked into or even seen a musky in the Kish. I do believe it is possible as I have hooked into them in the Rock.
  8. Lucky Hat

    Ben, nice timing on some of those capturing the jump photos. Eric, I'm glad you liked the stretch I picked out for you. I drove by your truck at 3:30 on my way home and saw you were still out. Was I accurate about the 1st mile and last mile being the most productive on your stretch?
  9. Lucky Hat

    Ben & I hit a nice section of the South Branch. Condition were perfect for floating as it was up a few inches and there was good water visibility. I could summarize by simply saying we had a quality outdoor experience. Considering the remoteness of the river, comraderie, wildlife sightings, weather, river conditions, and the smallmouth's willingness to hit topwaters with bad intent. Although we go about it with totaly different tools (fly vs spinning), Ben & I share a common passion for catching smallmouth on topwater on remote rivers. I think we worked well together as a team as we took turns leading and didnt tangle line once all day. Numbers were pretty even until I got on hot streak at the end. I would say we caught 25-30 fish total, most were smallmouths, then 2 pike and 2 rock bass. We got about a handful that were in the 16-16.5" range. We also has probably 4 doubles during the day. We probably had double the number of bites on topwater blowups. Walking the dog was drawing some savage strikes but many misses. Ben's topwater fly drew less strikes but his hookup percentage was better. I also caught a few dragging bottom with a hulagrub but topwater was the best thing going for us and we stayed committed to it. The worst part of the trip was taking out our kayaks as the takeout had a steep wet hill to carry. Here are a few pics from my camera. I'm sure Ben will contribute as he had the best photography equipment. Ben's has a nice comfortable rig for fishing out of. That is until you need to carry it up a steep hill. Ben's first fish of the day was a northern. This was one of the better fish of the day. Caught off a mid-stream boulder on a popper fly
  10. Lucky Hat

    I'll go fishing with your guys. Lets float a section of the south branch since the water levels/clairity is better.
  11. Line Choice for Barbless Hooks

    I'm in the group that says "death before mono". If you are going to use or set up kids to fish with mono, I would suggest using rigs with thin wire exposed hooks. This will improve hook setting. Trying to bury a hookset with a thick bass hook on a long cast texposed in the plastic is an exercise in futility.
  12. Web Site Backlash

    Don't be afraid to exercise your freedom of speech.
  13. Rain, Rain, Rain

    I believe in the fall feedbag. It's real and I've experienced it. I have a little confidence in the float & fly under the right conditions (cold & clear water). Dabbling flooded timber on a muddy river I totally believe in just like the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy.
  14. Apple River Wade Outing Cancelled

    It's a good thing I called it. Historical flooding going on right now.
  15. I was waiting to see what the weather was going to do and it doesn't look good. The rain that hit Wednesday night spiked the river up 2 feet. Although it was receeding nicely there is another round of rain coming today and tonight. The national weather service has a flash flood warning in effect for Jo Daviess County Friday night through Saturday morning with 1-3 more inches of rain expected in the area. This Saturday's outing is cancelled. I will personally call everyone who RSVP'ed. We may reschedule sometime in August.