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  1. I'm interested. Are we planning to met at the Cheery Valley Café?
  2. I was pilling on. As a long time Bears fan, its part of my grieving process. The 2018 Bears was a very likeable team with likeable personalities staring with Coach Nagy. They were in every game and played a very entertaining brand of football. It's a shame the way it ended.
  3. I heard Cody Parkey was in big hurry to get out of town after missing that game winning FG. I guess he just couldn't help himself. I heard he also send out 100 facebook apologies to Bears fans for missing the game winner. He only meant to send it once but he kept hitting post.
  4. Anyone seen that Bird Box movie on Netflix? That's no way to go through life.
  5. Back in the day I would make the drive down to Pekin, IL and fish Powerton Lake between Christmas and New Years. It used to be great smallmouth fishing by the warm water discharge but something changed. Does anyone catch smallies out of Powerton anymore?
  6. I caught a handfull of smallmouth bass yesterday, if that gives anyone hope.
  7. I love the winter fishing passion. It's tough in winter conditions but the peace and tranquility can be worth the effort. There could be a window this weekend to fish in milder conditions. You don't have to worry about other people in your spots.
  8. All this talk about the B&G but do they have one of these? Count me in either way.
  9. The temperatures are actually going to pretty decent on Friday & Saturday. There is a chance of rain unfortunately. Is anyone going to try to get out and fish on Friday? I know I won't be getting up early to be fighting the crowds while holding my wife's purse just to save a few bucks.
  10. I have to eat breakfast so I might as well eat with you guys.
  11. I've done best with chatterbaits in conditions where the water is stained and the fish are feeding relatively shallow.
  12. Death before mono. 8-10# braid or superline will work well in most smallmouth river conditions.
  13. We have breached this subject a few times. The laws in IL are pretty outdated. You can debate there are Federal laws that provide access to any river that can be floated. In IL however you might need a lawyer to have that debate for you. The Kish supports a Canoe outfitter so if there were trespassing problems they would have a tough time running a business.
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