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  1. Guys, I realize I shouldn’t have asked the “safe” question and apologize. I was just trying to get a feel for what the range people typically kayak this river since I’m used to the Fox mostly. Also, I wouldn’t even think about going out when it was at the 2500 level, but was being hopeful it had a chance of getting to an ok level by sometime on Sunday. More of a wishful thinking, just really want to get out soon.
  2. What would everyone consider a “safe” kayaking flow rate for the Dupage near Shorewood and to the south of there. Currently at 2570 CFS and dropping, hoping to get out possibly on Sunday.
  3. Possibly interested also, if a tournament I have scheduled on Sunday down south gets cancelled. Will there be enough people for some sort of shuttle/truck setup to figure out how to get get back?
  4. I wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome, I had a great time out there with you guys. Having never fished that stretch before, I really took it all in and enjoyed the comradery. I look forward to future events and will do what I can to help out with the club.
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