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  1. Thanks Ed for organizing another wonderful event. Great turnout!!! Thanks to the Chefs also.
  2. Thanks Mike for keeping us involved. It's always such a rewarding event!!!
  3. It was an awfully long table of fishermen. Always enjoy these events, and yes I will see you at the Early Show
  4. Thank you Tom and Ed, Great food and conversation as usual!
  5. Great picnic as usual. Thanks for putting on such a nice fun event.
  6. I'll be there to help
  7. I will be able to help out in casting for most of the day Saturday the 23rd. May have to leave a little early, but can spend most of the day.
  8. Count on me for baked beans. Hope you're feeling better Scott
  9. Great Event Mike, Thanks for making us part of it !!!!!
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