ISA Working to Protect and Improve Our Smallmouth Fisheries
Mill Creek, Batavia
Streams are important biological, commercial and recreational resources for Illinois.

The state's 87,000 miles of permanent flowing streams provide homes for a diverse variety of fish, birds, mussels and
other wildlife.

Many land animals also use streams as feeding areas, watering areas and travel corridors.
The ISA Adopt-A-Stream Program
The ISA Adopt-A-Stream Program
We appreciate your interest in the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance (ISA) Adopt-A-Stream program. This program provides families, local business owners, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, youth groups, churches, and academic institutions the opportunity to become involved in an environmental program that helps to protect our natural resources. The objectives of this program are to increase community involvement and awareness of water resources, develop watershed-based environmental education, increase reporting of water quality problems, and to improve water quality and stream habitat. By committing to the program, your group or organization agrees to collect litter and conduct water quality monitoring along your adopted stream once a year for at least two years.

Required Tasks
Suggested Activities

The ISA agrees to provide the following materials
to get
you started on your way to becoming an
Adopt-A-Stream Program Volunteer:
  • Water quality monitoring kits
  • Event notification and reporting forms
  • Recognition on the Adopt-A-Stream Website
  • Educational literature
  • Technical assistance by request
  • Liability release form
  • Safety and health checklist

The following items are necessary to fulfill membership obligations in the
Adopt-A-Stream program:

  • One stream cleanup each year for two years
  • One water quality monitoring event each year for two years
  • Photo monitoring: submit photographs of your stream segment
  • Completed event notification form preceding each cleanup
  • Completed reporting form following each cleanup

The following additional items are suggested, but are not necessary to participate in the
Adopt-A-Stream program:

  • Drain Stenciling: labeling of storm water inlets with "Don't Dump" stickers and distribution of corresponding educational material about storm water runoff
  • Stream Renovations: stream bank plantings, erosion control
  • Invite speakers on environmental issues
  • Stream walks, bird watching, wildlife observations, camping
  • Workshops and classroom activities

Download the documents required to get started:

Download Application Download Application
Download Information Packet Download Information Packet

Submit your completed form(s) electronically or via mail:

ISA Conservation
478 North Van Buren Avenue
Bradley, Illinois 60915
+1 773 771 9042


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