ISA Working to Protect and Improve Our Smallmouth Fisheries
Matt Straw

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2012 Bronzeback Blowout
3:00 to 9:00 PM

American Legion Hall
310 West Butterfield Road, Elmhurst (click for map)
Dinner, speakers, raffles, silent auctions
$30 per person



Matt Straw has worked as editor of In-Fisherman Magazine for the past 22 years. You’ve probably seen him in action on In-Fisherman television shows.

He played football at Ferris State University and was on the tennis team at the University of Michigan, Flint. He made the dean’s list at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, graduated Kappa Delta Pi, and achieved degrees in English Literature and Communications, with a minor in Journalism. He was the head editor of two school literary magazines at both Ferris State University and University of Michigan.

As a student, Matt used to spend his free time in the University of Michigan library for biological sciences, reading everything he could find regarding fish, baitfish, limnology and aquatic biology. After he graduated, he began spending more time applying what he learned in the library. Fishing is a passion. “I can’t look at water anywhere without wondering what’s in it and how it might best be caught. I love to fish for bluegills about as much as I do for tarpon. A 1-pound bluegill is a real prize in my book.”

Matt holds conservation as a high priority and strives to be a model in that regard. “I contact the Minnesota DNR every chance I get, trying to obtain protections for smallmouths in the Mississippi River and elsewhere. I harassed them for years before they finally issued the statewide moratorium on harvest of smallmouths after the second Saturday in September.


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