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Sgt.Tommy's Kids June 15th (URGENT!!)

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Their group is once again asking for ISA volunteers for the casting field. The video below explains everything. Please reply with a comment.

"I hope you have been well! We just had our first Fishing Day meeting and I wanted to reach out to see if your crew were all in for this year. We liked the earlier start time of 9am, so think we are going to stick with that on June 15th. Let me know if all is a go. In addition, we discussed possibly having a fly fishing clinic off to the side by you guys as we have in the past. I just like the idea of giving the kids an option to elevate their interest little further. I know Tommy always liked to take the more challenging route to anything outdoor related. Let me know if you have any thoughts on that. Thanks so much Mike! Brad (773) 531-4380 "



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I got a message that their website malfunctioned, and did not cut the registrants off at 350. We're now looking at 550 registrants. Just want to be sure we are prepared in the casting field. We've faced more kids. Please consider calling your friends to help!

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On 6/14/2019 at 8:45 PM, rich mc said:

 i have a few extra rods for casting and another for the  felt fish.     good to see that  eugene is  coming, he can handle a bunch by himself. gee i might have a fly for him

Thanks Rich!

Great day! Great event! Important purpose! 

Tommy smiled on us with the weather! & Then some GREAT fishing!!!!!!! Thank everyone for a well oiled castng day! 

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