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Quote me on this, "A bottle of wine is too good a thing to be enjoyed just once."

Once the wine is gone give the bottle a new life as a candlestick. And more importantly give the cork a chance to enrich your fishing life. I am just beginning to see the possibilities in the corks I used to toss out.  The new synthetic ones are especially intriguing. Elsewhere I have already exhibited my Prop Popper.  Here's my new 2018 creation-the Roto-Popper.

40631800982_92da7f05c8_z.jpgRototail by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr

If you want to get into this, here are my insights so far. Dark Day, dark wine cork; Light Day, light wine cork. Contrary to the opinion of French Chefs, red wine corks work very well on fish.

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