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Light for Curing UV Glue

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I'm going to break down an start using UV Glue products for fly tying. There are lots of UV flashlights for curing UV products with prices ranging from ten bucks to considerably more than that. Does anyone have recommendations for a light that will work well for fly tying UV glues? I don't mind spending a few dollars more for something that is going to do the job.





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You might try contacting this individual to see if he has any of his uv lights left but they were of very high quality and cost 1/2 for the same light with a brand name plastered on it.



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I've been using the one that came with the UV kid from Clear Cue Goo.



I think it was retailed separately around $20 and the entire kid was around $60 that included one UV light and 3 bottles of glue.



CCG has another UV light model that is more expensive around $60 and the kid is around $100. What I notice is that the more expensive one gives out higher intensity of UV and the flashlight itself is better constructed and looked more durable.



I think you can get by with the less expensive ones and the drawback is that it will take longer to cue the glue.

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No matter which way you go, you are going to like how much faster this is compared to the 2 part epoxy it replaces.


There are the Cadillacs and the basic transportations for you to look at. Loon and CCG are the Cadillacs in the showroom. Both formulate their product to respond to a specific wavelength of UV light. Their curing lights are made to produce their brand's wavelength. Of course they are different wavelengths; so, for example, they say you won't get good results using a Loon light on CCG. A plus for both products it that they both have solved the tack problem. Lots of UV glues feel tacky even after curing. A tier has to apply a coat of Sally Hanson's or a similar product to eliminate that feel. With the Cadillacs this step is not required.


Out in the basic transportation lot, you can get a tube of UV glue - $6, a UV light $7, and a bottle of Sally Hanson's- $2. You are ready to drive off the lot for a total of $15. I can add that sunlight is a good UV light that naturally covers all wavelengths. So if you cure your UV glue in sunlight you can drive your cost down to $8 though that is like buying a car that you can only use during daylight hours.


I hope this helps.

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