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Scott Ferguson

ISA Road Trip 2018. ONE OPEN SPOT!

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I've booked the Tinkers Dam cabin again for next year for August 11-25. Just like this year, the choices are for a 3 night or 4 night stay. The choices are;

1. Arriving Saturday August 11, and departing Tuesday August 14  (Filled up)

2. Arriving Tuesday August 14 and departing Saturday August 18 (Filled up)

3. Arriving Saturday August 18 and departing Tuesday August 21 (Filled up)

4. Arriving Tuesday August 21 and departing Saturday August 25


Due to a cancelation, we now have ONE opening for  a 4 night stay. Arriving Tuesday, August 21 and departing Saturday, August 25  If you'd like to take this spot, let me know.

The cost per night will be $30 per person. Deposits will be $60 (or more if you like). Reservations will be on a first come first served basis with consideration given to those who made it to this year's trip. If the demand is there, I'll try to extend the trip as needed. Final payment will be due on June 3. If for any reason you have to back out, all payments are non-refundable unless a replacement for you is found.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me 630-209-9452


Send deposits with your choice of dates to;
ISA Road Trip 2018
1506 Roth Dr
Joliet, IL 60431
(I can take credit cards for payment if you call me or see me in person. 630-209-9452)


Be sure I have your phone number and email address so I can contact you if necessary.


Keep an eye on this post to see the current schedule. I will update it as spots fill in.






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Returning fishermen from this year are rapidly filling in the schedule. We are halfway filled already. Like before, I'll update the schedule above as the days fill in.

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I sent Karen Prange, the owner of the Tinkers Dam cabin a copy of the newsletter that contained the recap of this years trip. Today, I got a response.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for sending us your magazine with the write up about the Menominee River and Tinker's Dam. It made our day to see the article, it was great to read how much you and the group enjoy spending time up north on the river. See you next year!


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We only have ONE opening left for 3 nights, Aug 11-14.  There will be one other chance to join us. As a silent auction prize at the Blowout, we will offer a 3 night stay on August 18-21 and it will include 3 days of fishing aboard my new 16ft, jet outboard powered river fishing boat.  


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Scott, count me in if still available. Sweet looking boat btw.

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