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First attempt at tying smallie swim jigs

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Like some opinions on these swim jigs for smallies. Jigs are 1/4 and 3/8oz. This is my first attempt with the poison tail mold. Have some kalens grubs and craw trailers from barlows to try with them




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Look great. Are you going to use a trailer on them?

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Well got out and gave one a try today. Attached a 5" kalens grub in color that escapes me at the moment. River conditions were nowhere near ideal with it being up and dirty. Caught one and missed sbout 10 more. All but one was hitting the tail. Actually had 2 hits with about 3' of line out and and jig jist sitting under the surface while i was on the phone. I think shortening the skirt and using a 3-4" grub would have resulted in more hook ups. But then who knows if they would have been as apt to strike. As a side note i absolutely love how the poisontail head tracks in current. No rolling whatsoever.



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