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I fished it in the Kank today.  Got skunked.  I was hoping the plastic might lift the jig out of the rocks a bit, I got stuck a lot.

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The Kankakee just eats jigs I think it's the sharp edges of the lime stone. I try to go as light as possible and still feel the bottom. If I'm fishing out in the current the only cast that comes through pretty good is if I cast slightly upstream and the jig hits bottom just below me then continues down and across. when it snags in front of a rock you basically pull it upstream against the current and then let it keep going downstream. Don't know if that's a good explanation.

I've gotten fish out of the main flow in this cold of water tight lining a dropshot rig but it's tough. I would work as many small eddies as possible. Still lots of junk on the bottom to snag on. I lost all my neko rigs in eddies. Lost all my flies in the trees last time I fly fished out there.

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