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Colt Johnson

Kankakee River Advice - Boating Question

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To those of you who regularly fish the Kankakee River I am seeking some advice. In particular, I hope to make a few trips in and around the State Park area, probably solo trips. Years ago, I have fished late Spring with both a small Kayak and simply wading; both with some success. This time, I am considering a float tube or pontoon styled craft. Can anyone comment on their experiences fishing this water (or similar water) using a float tube or pontoon styled craft? I have only used these crafts on stillwater situations.


Thanks in advance!


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A floatube is great for stillwater fishing but useless in moving water. A pontoon would work fine on the Kank during low to moderate flows. If you have to go upstream to get back to your starting point a kayak is the best by far.

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