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Mike Clifford

Plum River Grant Followup and Photos

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A recent effort supported by ISA members like you!!


Dear ISA members,

Here is an update on the project on the Plum River near Savanna, IL. Attached are before and after photos of the log jams we cleared from the river. We were able to have a crew of 12 people removing logjams for three days. All of the funding from the ISA went towards the hiring of an excavator for those three days. We were able to also solicit donations from local businesses to pay for expenses, having your grant money in hand helped to persuade those businesses that this is a serious effort. The public portion of this project had to be canceled due to flooding, but we plan to have a public planning meeting in late fall or early winter to plan for projects next year. We are ending this season with a positive balance that will help get Plum River projects started earlier next year.







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