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Terry Dodge

NW region Outing 9/5/15

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Bill K. and I did not make the morning fish but got out in the evening, 2:30 - 7:30. Bill ended with 10 fish, 3 northern pike and 7 smallies. I got 4 smallies, most in the 14 - 15" range. Bill had good success with a buzz bait on the northerns. All the smallies came on crawdad imitations. A hot day but enjoyable.


Glad to see you two got out and got in on the action.

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I think not. We each had big ones on, just failed to bring to hand.


Joe P - Thanks for the report. The fish were pretty active on Saturday. Glad to hear you guys got a few of the big girls.


True, I know both of you had on some nice fish, and I lost one definitely 17" or more right by the boat on the Honey Buzz. Just being facetious...

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