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  3. It's best to buy your tickets in advance as soon as possible. Tickets sales really increase the last two weeks heading in to the Blowout. Hope to see you there!
  4. We won’t turn anybody away who purchases a ticket in advance
  5. How do we know if & how many tickets are still available?? Thanks!
  6. I recently received the March Bronzeback Newsletter and noticed that the speakers at the upcoming Bronzeback Blowout feature the guides from Midwest Waters Angling Co. Of note, the speaker descriptions highlighted that Mike Allen and Kurt Nelson guide rivers located near the Fox River Valley including the DuPage River and that they use jet boats as part of their business. The feature really stuck out to me as I don't believe the use of jet boats is appropriate on rivers as small as the DuPage based on experience. I can only offer my own experience. I learned fishing river smallmouth on the DuPage as a teenager in Naperville in the 90's. After college and living in Chicago for ten years, I recently returned to the area about three years ago and began re-exploring the DuPage. I was pleasantly surprised to see the dirty smelly river I grew up with transformed into a world-class smallmouth river with opportunities for days of catching multiple smallmouth in the 16-20" range. I now fish the river extensively in between bass club tournaments, especially in late summer and fall. Last summer, I started fishing a new stretch of the Dupe. After catching several bass 16-18", I heard the noise of what I thought was an outboard motor coming up the river which seemed odd to me given that the DuPage is a small river. Around the corner came a jet boat running what sounded like full throttle, traveling about 25-30 mph. The stretch of river I was fishing was at best 30-40 yards wide. This process was repeated on several occasions on subsequent trips, including cutting short an outing that I could only describe as the best day of river smallmouth fishing I've ever had. I later learned from another angler on the river that the boat belonged to Midwest Waters Angling as part of a guide service which they use to run to a spot several miles upstream. I have several issues with the use of a jetboat in this manner. Aside from the obvious safety issue to others in the river, the water conditions are ruined for the day after the boat passes. The boat generates a wake which is too big for a narrow stretch of river that muddies the river in addition to what is kicked up by the boat itself. You end up with a conveyor belt of silt, mud, and grass coming downstream for hours. I can't imagine that this is good for the river either. Unfortunately I'm unable to make the Blowout as I would love to discuss this issue there.. I think its great that anglers who are obviously passionate about the sport are able to make a career out of what we all love. I just think the use of a jetboat is an issue and isn't fair as the day's fishing is adversely affected for the day after it goes through. MWAC may not even be aware that their boat is creating this issue. It would be nice to see a solution that would benefit all that want to fish the river, maybe as simple as operating at a slower speed that doesn't kick up the river.
  7. Great breakfast and great fishing stories. I think everyone learned about some new fishing spots and new lures to use!
  8. We had eight members show up to enjoy a hearty breakfast and some great comaraderie on a gloomy Saturday morning. Thanks to all that came out
  9. Ed's right, very carefully. One of the photos which was deleted above was of my arm that got torn up by those teeth when I lost focus for a moment and he paid me back dearly. I normally employ jaw spreaders like we do for northern pike, once the mouth is held open, you can then use a small wire brush to get those fibers unhooked from their teeth. Also you can use needle nose pliers and pull on the fibers but often the brush works best. I generally release the fish unless I want to keep some for frying up a few "gar balls". The wonderful thing about gar is they can live outside the water for a few minutes so you don't have to rush. It's important to remove the fly and not just cut the line or the fish will not be able to open his jaws and will surely die (though admittingly some choose to remove them from the fishery as they compete with other more desirable predatory fish)
  10. And how do you 'unhook' em??
  11. I’m glad to hear the surgery went well. Heal well, Sylvania is coming.
  12. The current issue of our newsletter was mailed out and most of our members should have already received their copy. Due to negligence on the part of our printer who also mails out the issues, about a quarter of our members haven't gotten theirs yet. Most will get their copy eventually, but if you don't see it, click on the link below to download the current issue http://freepdfhosting.com/8bd8276bd5.pdf
  13. Terry, just wanted to let you know Bill K. and I are coming to breakfast Saturday.
  14. Happen to know if Jude is up for breakfast this Saturday?
  15. Jude's surgery went as planned. He will be back to "normal" in time for Sylvania. He took that into consideration when scheduling the surgery. Jude is very smart.
  16. Thanks for popping that back up Rob. I forgot about the looping of the fibers.
  17. John, let me check in my photo files. I might have a pictorial where I demo'ed them for the group. I like to use 1/4" braided nylon in white . You must fully un-braid the fibers and I found that 8 of the smallest strands folded over works quite well. Also IMO the fly needs eyes to be effective on gar. Don't even bother without them. Btw, thanks for the reminder, as I need to tie up a few for next season. Edit: Here you go, found it in the old threads
  18. RICH will run a fly and jig tying session using eyelash yarn and and satin material, this will be Saturday, March 9th from 12 - 3 ? at Run a ways restaurant rt 56 just East of rt 25 in N. Aurora. They have a back room that could hold about 20. Anglers can tie along or watch.
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