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  2. I haven't done another brand of reel yet, so I don't know how other anti reverses work, and if Shimano continued with this design, but based on the way this works you should not expect one of these to work right if it gets dunked. That whole mechanism was not expected to be taken apart and cleaned either. It's a whole separate part. I am going to do my Daiwa Whisker SS, which has an anti-reverse that is pretty far from "infinite". But that reel never fails. Curious what that one looks like inside.
  3. It's distortion from being closer to the lens, but it does seem a bit oversize. Same handle on the 2000.
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  5. Dear fellow ISA members, My other fishing club, OSWEGOLAND FISHIN FOOLS, is meeting at BASS PRO in Bolingbrook and we are having Jerry Krause who guides on the IL river. Guests are welcome , but there will be a fee to attend. If you become a member, the fee is applied to the annual dues. Contact me or go to our website fishinfools.org. Brian Murphy
  6. Time to fish under the ripe mulberry trees and enjoy the bonanza of catfish and carp.
  7. rich mc


    got mine today . nice crankbait article but i didnt write it.
  8. Looks to be deep enough to support fish. Could be Norm’s wintering hole.
  9. The Better Fishing Association of Northern Illinois had it's kids fishing rodeo today on the I&M Canal. This little guy wasn't having luck in that large body of water. Maybe the fish would be more concentrated in this smaller pool, or should I say puddle.
  10. Thanks Rich! Great day! Great event! Important purpose! Tommy smiled on us with the weather! & Then some GREAT fishing!!!!!!! Thank everyone for a well oiled castng day!
  11. Thanks Mike for keeping us involved. It's always such a rewarding event!!!
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  13. Good job. I feel like I need one of those boxes they use to work on radioactive stuff with the gloves that reach inside. I always have parts dropping and flying off the work bench.
  14. It works! That's a vintage G Loomis rod too! Probably my all time fave! 🙂 Untitled by Mark Kasick, on Flickr
  15. YouTube is the go to for everything it seems. Cool stuff
  16. Retro is cool these days, right? I hate the idea that I am old enough now that I bought brand new, what is consider now- vintage. I have three "vintage" Shimano Stradic - mid to late 90's when reels first started have a anti reverse with no slop. They all failed with the anti-reverse slipping. All in about a year or two, which pissed me off because it was a hundred dollar reel back then. I thought i trashed them from slingshotting jigs out of rocks. But after I took it apart I was like...there is nothing here to break. The reason they slip is becaiuse grease and oil get in the mechanism and the way it works is friction. So in short I disassembled the first of the three reels and followed this tutorial on how to repair the anti-reverse mechanism. What did we ever do before You Tube !!?? I also flushed out the body with simple green and a brush so it was spotless. Then I rinsed the bejesus out of it with hot water. All the gunk and crap got flushed out. Lastly I doused it in 99% rubbing alcohol- the stuff with no glycerin- pure alcohol. Drug store grade. So alcohol is miscible in water- where acetone, acetate, MEK are not. Plus all those can attack plastic. The only reason I used the alcohol is that it mixes with water- I think it forms an azeotrope, then everything evaporates off fast. I LIGHTLY lubed everything with "Reel Butter", which according to the internet is the best stuff out there. Reassembled- amazingly no parts left over. The reel is VERY smooth now and pretty tight. Not as tight as a 60 dollar reel today. LOL. The anti-reverse was the trickiest part. I don't think I would have fixed it without this awesome tutorial. It all took about 2 hours but I think I could do it in about an hour now. Taking it out for a try now.
  17. without a doubt Sgt Tommy had a hand in pushing the rain away and gave us overcast skies and a wonderful breeze. what a great event to get families fishing again and more importantly OUTSIDE. i heard from many saying that they havent fished in many years and wanted get the little ones fishing. i will offer to run a basic knot tying booth next year.
  18. With threatening skies, the Sgt. Tommy's event still had over 400 kids attend. A record number for this! ISA volunteers got a workout, and ran the casting field like a well-oiled machine.
  19. i have a few extra rods for casting and another for the felt fish. good to see that eugene is coming, he can handle a bunch by himself. gee i might have a fly for him
  20. I'll be there. at least it won't be to hot. Do they have bait donated for the kids?
  21. A reminder that we are hoping to see a few more volunteers TOMORROW!! Meeting around 7 or so at the lake.
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