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    Cane Cast & Compare 4/28/19 8am – 2pm Glenwood Forest preserve 1644 S. River St. Batavia, Il. 60510 Come join us at Glenwood Forest Preserve on Sunday 4/28 as Jeff Fox hosts area bamboo builders & collectors for a day of testing, comparing & learning about bamboo fly rods. Come out & bring your bamboo to share. Other rods OK, I always have a couple glass rods to compare. We'll grill some dogs for lunch. No worry about high water as there is ample room to cast on the grass.
  3. Cane Cast & Compare 4/28/19 10am – 2pm Glenwood Forest preserve 1644 S. River St. Batavia, Il. 60510 Come join us at Glenwood Forest Preserve on Sunday 4/28 as Jeff Fox hosts area bamboo builders & collectors for a day of testing, comparing & learning about bamboo fly rods. Come out & bring your bamboo to share. Other rods OK, I always have a couple glass rods to compare. We'll grill some dogs for lunch. No worry about high water as there is ample room to cast on the grass.
  4. Illinois Bamboo Rod Makers Outing If you love bamboo fly Rod's like I do. You will want to join us at Glenwood Park on the Fox River in Batavia. Date: April 28 2019- Time: 10 AM until 2 PM. You don't have to build them to love casting them. So grab some of your favorites and meet us on April 28th.. Whether you fish with bamboo or not or would just like to know more about it. The outing is free please come and join us. Any questions please contact Jeff Fox Cell: 1-630-506-3281 Email: jefffox2245@gmail.com Thank you - Jeff
  5. This Saturday I will open the garage doors to help Drift move some of the excess books donated the last few years. All fishing, mostly fly, in addition I will have some of my stuff out for sale. Stop by to visit as at noon I'll fire up the grill. I know the fishing is good now but I hope to see a few of you. John's address 348 West Windsor Ave. Lombard, Il. 60148 BTW the wildflowers in my backyard are really starting to bloom..
  6. Yes Yakima gear is expensive. With that said I bought a roller loader for the back of my Hyundi and loading is pretty slick even for a 64 year old. I purchased a 10 .5 Pescador Pro 100 for river and small lakes . it 55 lbs Sot and from my experience it's pretty tough. I believe it built on the old tarpon hull and tracks straight especially for a smaller yak. I have hit a few large submerged rocks , and dumped it and it ended into a log jam without losing the seat and any gear that was in the front nose covered department. has a comfortable lawn chair seat with high and low settings and i bought it from Ack with a 240 cc Werner paddle which was in the 120.00 dollar range. My extra equipment is a paddle leash , homemade anchor and a couple of plano 7400 boxes which fit under the seat. The enjoyment of exploring different water and mobility to haul has been great. Good luck in your hunt for YOUR yak!
  7. Rather odd rivers that I fish mainly like Kish and Des plaines, and tribs, can go to summer time levels in winter. They can get very low which in skinnier parts can be a challenge to fish in harshest winters. Looking at long term graphs for V this doesn't seem to be the case. Just odd. Like you said looking at this more you have to be careful with refercing median for V it's such a seasonal river certainly not the norm for northern Illinois rivers. It's not like there are gates holding water back like on the fox where they may drain down the chain of lakes seasonally.
  8. This was in the news today. At least on public radio. https://www.chicagoriver.org/blog/2019/4/mill-creek-southwest-suburban-project-fixes-100-year-old-mistake This is a very pretty little creek and I've seen bass boats in the Cal Sag channel. I presume there are bass in there. I've fished this creek with my kids when they were little but all we caught were creek chubs. On the radio today they talked about hooking up to Tinley Creek also.
  9. I ask myself the same question every year when i have to wait till late summer to wade my favorite stretches. I believe the grade is the primary river characteristic that causes the big difference. I also believe the river doesn't see as much water after ag fields are well into the growing season. The crops along with drain tile lower the water table. So when we get a good rain, the fields act like a sponge and soak up more than it allows to run off. From my understanding, some of the best producing ag grounds fall within the watershed. Having worked in water management for a few years, I can assure you, there are miles and miles of tile in the watershed. Once spring rains are drained, the subsurface can be pretty dry down to about 3 ft. Another characteristic i wonder about is the presence of the LaSalle anticline that runs along it for most of its course. How does that affect the river levels? I believe that is why there is enough grade to allow up to class three rapids in the Lowell to the mouth stretch. It also exposed bedrock. Just to be clear, most of my experience wading is from Lowell down. This is the section that has the most grade. It is dangerous if you don't have experience reading rivers. If asked, i will be conservative with my opinions in the name of safety. That is not to say it cant be fished. I just don’t because I can just as easily fish other more wadable rivers near by. If the original question was about floating, we would be having a different conversation.
  10. Manny do you know why the vermilion varies so much? All local rivers vary seasonally do but why vermilion more so? Usually you can associate gradient to faster draining rivers. Last two fall trips passing through to and from Iowa i waded leonore gauge at 3.8ft other time was 4.4ft both were manageable. Another time when I was passing through it was close to 6ft and I didn't bother to stop for that.
  11. The fly line standards that we are using today were developed back in the split bamboo era and are out dated for modern graphite rods, especially the fast action rods. I had been using SA Titan lines on all my streamer fact action rods and really like them. As Rob said, they are 2 weights heavier than the designated AFTMA line weight. So in this case, just match your fast action rod weight to the SA Titan line weight and you are set- 6wt rod to 6wt SA Titan line. SA also just came out with a new Titan Long which has longer handling section than the regular Titan. If you are the type of caster that like to carry a lot of line in the air, the Titan Long may be the line for you. The longer handling section also give you better line control in the water, mending.
  12. Tom L

    Mono rig?

    As John said, it sounds like a chuck & duck. It also sounds like a modified Euro nymphing technique. Had tried the chuck & duck before. It has its times and places, but I didn't enjoy fishing that way.
  13. I made that same point a couple weeks ago to a new wader when recommending the usgs water data site. The gauge data is seasonal . I think it says that somewhere on the site.
  14. I would be comfortable using median if the river didnt have so much variation. Case in point, median in August is under 100cfs. April it is 1000cfs or better. Clarity can be unfishable at 150cfs just like 1100 cfs. Common sense and all of the other points go without saying. But to try and provide a reply that both keeps the community safe while being productive, i would shy away from the suggested rule of thumb. At least on a river like the big V. My original reply was based on 20 years of living walking distance from said river. Started fishing it ten years before that. I would be interested to hear John G perspective as he has surely fished this river more than i have.
  15. Congratulations! It will be a great time for All of you!. I love the area, hope the fishing is outstanding!
  16. I as well have been bitten by the kayak bug. You can't beat the extra mobility and have gained access to out of state rivers that before would have been out of reach. I thought a great point for spring fishing was the 120 rule. This is a combination of air and water temp being above the 120 mark. 60 plus 60+120 makes an easy guide to prevent hypothermia. I know there is all kinds of warm weather gear and experts on here that don't tip there kayaks when fishing but I myself have been seeking comfort and not speed when it comes to my fishing and I thought i would share this for what it's worth. Peace!
  17. Common sense always prevails but who steps into a danger river to wade. You assess the situation when you get there. Wading is relative and wading may just be creating casting distance and not getting into water very deep. Main point is if you have no intelligence on a river and you were considering a general rule of thumb can be look at median gauge. For the vermillion I've only been a few times and I actually write down on paper gauge heights when I fished.
  18. I would be careful with rules of thumb. The median on the Vermillion on 4/14 was 1000cfs. I won’t consider wading at that level or even near it. Especially when the river has lots of grade, as does this river. Even worse when you wade rivers with unexpected boulders and deep pockets. It is a case by case decision based on intel and experience, IMO. I certainly have lots of respect for this river. It can humble you pretty quick.
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  20. Best advice is what Bart says ...in general if you don't know the water well just reference the median or the mean level of historical river levels/flow for that particular day. Once you get above the mean and nearing the 75% percentile chances are water will be stirred up and stained and not worth fishing anyways https://nwis.waterdata.usgs.gov/il/nwis/current/?type=flow&group_key=basin_cd
  21. John, the head length in the Magnum is 35 ft for a 5 weight vs 33.5 for the Titan, only a 4% difference but the weight, is 150 grains vs. 185 grains, a 23% difference. I can tell you which will have a greater impact on my fishing.
  22. for what it is worth, I suggest you consider the line with the longeSt belly and cut off the front end of the taper. bass LINES OFTEN HAVE SORTER BELLIES. YOU CAN AND DO AT TIMES CARRY LINE IN THE AIR. THE LINE WITH A SHORTER BELLY IS HARDER TO CARRY. TJT
  23. John Loebach

    Mono rig?

    Steelhead guys call it chuck & duck for a reason.
  24. That Titan line is a shooting head with all the weight in the first 30'. Once you get up to 7 to 10wt rods a good long taper line will throw weighted flies but also can be cast to 40 to 60 ' without counting on shooting the line after the first backcast. SA Mastery expert distance is the old name for this line, 7wt. head72", 8wt. head 74". This line will perform well with larger lead eyed clousers at a wide range of distances from close in to 60+ feet.. My preference is for medium action or slower rods that make the casting easier but most rods these days are fast to very fast. I like old Fisher , Orvis + Phiilipson glass but also like the 20 year old Sage RPL's & RPL+s.. Come to a Cast & Compare in September, there will be all manner of rods & lines, it's a great learning opportunity. Despite my preference for cheap old gear I should say that any rod will perfom with the right line. Line weights are only a suggestion for marketing purposes - don't you think they want you to buy 3 or 4 line weights to match that new rod?
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