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  2. Who's tying what?

    I've got my bench in the garage, with the subzero temps it's been tough to get the motivation lately. I did bring in some simple materials to knock out some mop flys, ray charles, and a couple buggers for a recent driftless trip. I want to tie up a bunch of dahlberg diver/deceiver type stuff but that's messy garage work. What I should be doing is taking a razor to the dozens of hideous flies that I tied not knowing any better, then I'll be stocked up on hooks again.
  3. Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    I found the same thing, way too buoyant with a floating line. It would be interesting to experiment with a sink tip? I tied up some really big nasty jointed pike flies with foam diving heads that I'm going to try a heavy sink tip out with.
  4. 9:00 would be great for me, I've got a drive. Hows the water looking out there? If the ice isn't bad I might bring my pike gear.
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  6. Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    I will tie some reverse Blockheads up for you and charge you only $3 a piece. But I won't guarantee that they will dive. Haha
  7. Who's tying what?

    New to this site and fly fishing. I’m starting out with wooly buggers and backstabbers. Don’t have pics available but it’s been awesome to practice and learn. I need to get to some of the local tying events.
  8. Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    Thanks Rob. Consider me doodley warned that that design does not perform as advertised. On the other hand, Holschlag features his design in his book and sells it on his site. Clouser sells both finished divers ($4.00 +) and the bodies on his site. One bad apple...
  9. Who's tying what?

    Just curious if any of you industrious fly tiers out there have been taking advantage of this colder weather in order to tie up some newer or older patterns and would be willing to share what you've been working on? Photos are always appreciated and they don't have to be flies intended solely for smallmouth. Thanks
  10. Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    Mike, I know there are those that swear by Sneaky Petes which has long had a reverse popper head design but I didn't see any improvement vs. standard popper designs. I once purchased some foam Dahlberg Diver design heads (as below) which didn't function as I had hoped. They simply didn't dive or break the water surface much at all. The foam is just too buoyant. I am betting that the designs you posted above will behave similarly. Spun deer hair seems to have a more neutral buoyancy for what I like to achieve. On the other hand, your desired action and results might be very different from mine. Rob
  11. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    mike, my introduction to using the dubbing loop was tying leisenring wet flys, then scot hair hackling techniques. it is just one more tool on the belt. lately dubbing loops seem to be a short cut for obtaining large flies that would cost you a sawbuck in a fly shop. i do not like spinning deer hair. i can do it, i have done it but aside for a muddler minnow or two i would just as soon not do it. i also avoid genetic hackle, hot spots, bobbers and the new nymphing techniques formally referred to as jigging. i make bamboo rods and have fished bamboo since i was a kid. "plastic" rods have their place. i do believe in "upping the odds" as a way to increase my enjoyment. then some people like reclining on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn in front of the boob tube. there is a definite learning curve with dubbing loops. i enjoy learning new things. there are things i did not enjoy learning. timothy
  12. Heartland Fly Fishing Festival Jan. 20-21

    Yea, Rich I think this show must have come about quite quickly. I was in Flymasters of Indy in early December and asked if there were to be any shows this season and they didn't know of any. I tried to get the guys over at INSA to put on a booth the last two years but to no avail. They just don't have the motivation and/or the manpower. It's such a shame because there are some really great guys in INSA but as an organization, it seems to be hanging on by a thread.
  13. There's no problem. We have it covered.
  14. Sure would be nice if a few more people would step up. We have over 200 members and we can not come up with enough help. Seems always the same people doing the events! What' going to happen when these folks can not do the events and no one takes point on this stuff!
  15. Any interest in an Ice outing

    It is if you are doing it right.
  16. "Anybody listening who?" I see both Holschlag and Clouser reverse their popper heads to create divers. Holschlag HSLGDiver by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr http://smallmouthangler.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/2543_B_sliding-Diver-2-colors-smallmouth-bass-fishing-fly_800.jpg Clouser ClouserEZcrop by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Untitled by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Anybody doing this?
  17. Heartland Fly Fishing Festival Jan. 20-21

    wish i knew of the show sooner, i may have set up a booth.
  18. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    mike just use the snuggle up yarn i gave you furl it for a long tail and wrap the body . same length of hair as rabbit without the hide, i have two dozen tied up for the tinley show and some also tied on jigheads . rich mc
  19. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    TJ, I sees the point about bulk. And dubbing loops certainly have become popular. In one video I watched a guy use the bulldog clamp method to cut the fibers from a Puglisi brush, use those fibers to recreate the brush in a dubbing loop, and wrap that on the front hook of a tandem streamer. Since I see you make boo rods, I should not be surprised you like loops "doing things the hard way." (If God wanted us to make bamboo rods, he would not have created glass and graphite blanks.) Let me guess. I bet you like to spin deer hair bugs too. Tom, Thanks for bringing out more advantages of loops. General I have in mind making some super sized Schenk Minnows # 1/0 or 2 3xl. Since I want the hair of the bunny fur to be as long as possible, I think the strip is the way to go. In those sizes bulk is not such an issue. Thanks for comments.
  20. I'm going to have to work Friday also as no one else who has volunteered can take credit card payments if someone buys a membership or Blowout ticket.
  21. Chicago Region Breakfast

    It's official. I will see you guys Saturday.
  22. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    I'm a big fan of Dubbing Loop also. Timothy hit on several good points (less bulk, less weight, fun to tie) of the Dubbing Loop. One other thing I would like to add to that is the flexibility to customize the loop and let your imagination rolls, for example: you can add flashes, mix up colors or materials and so on. For small flies (size 10 or smaller), I like to split the thread instead of looping the thread. The downside to the Dubbing Loop technique is that it is more time consuming to tie, it requires a little bit of practice, and it can be downright messy. One final note on this: WAX is your friend in this technique.
  23. It's the biscuits and gravy. Legendary.
  24. Scott: I'll work the early shift on Friday with Gordon. Bill K
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