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  2. John Gillio

    Kids- our future

    Ever so true.
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  4. Forrest Miller

    New Facebook "Group"

    Hi everyone. I wanted to inform you that we now have a Facebook "Group", in addition to our Facebook page. Basically, the page is the official Facebook for the ISA. The Facebook Group is more of a hangout where anyone can post, and it is much easier! The link to our Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1593399057410727/ Please join our group, and we look forward to this new way of corresponding!
  5. My buddy is a no go...... something about a bachelor party tonight and guaranteed hangover tomorrow. I'm still in.
  6. Mike Gillig will also be there he let me know last night.
  7. Such a large group. This might help.... The orange (Appleton to Cherry Valley) area is an all day (6 - 8 hours) trip and could have some down falls to portage from last weeks wind storm. The green (Cherry Valley to Kish F.P.) area half day (4 - 6 hours) and is the most used route The purple area (Oak Ridge to Kish F.P.) is a half day (4 - 6 hours). This is the south branch flowing into the main branch, and is about the same distance as the green area. Could have down falls to portage. The blue area (Kish F.P. to Atwood) has slower moving water, islands to beach and wade and may take just a little bit longer than the green area to fish. 3/4 day trip, 4 - 7 hours. Note: the canoe launch at Atwood is kind of a steep drop. Careful as you get out. The red area (Atwood to Hinchliff F.P.) slower moving water, a tad deeper than the average, connects to the Rock. Note: the canoe launch at Atwood is kind of a steep drop. Careful as you get in. The bad thing...... There is quite a bit of a hill at the take out to carry your boat up to the parking lot. You boys have fun. I wish I could take part. Maybe I'll try to slip in for breakfast.
  8. It looks like we will be invading the Kish with a decent sized armada. So far its is me, Paul T Sr, Norm, Frank, JCarrol & a buddy, Jake B & a buddy, Eric, and solid maybe from Joe R, and Jude has been all over this post but at no point was there commitment to attend. Either way it looks like good participation for what should turn out to be a nice spring day. The river is flowing at a perfect level to float and as clear as you'll ever see it in the spring.
  9. rich mc

    Black Stealth Cougar

    you can use the steel brush but it is overkill i prefer a velcro tab on a stick
  10. Last week
  11. Tom L

    Black Stealth Cougar

    Lately I've seen some tiers tied these divers on 60 or 90 degree jig hooks. I wonder if that helps the fly dives better and get more action than on straight eye hook. Rich, does this look familiar? Brushing the eyelash yarn with a steel brush sounds like a good idea.
  12. Yes the gages remained relatively unchanged after yesterday's precipitation. Snow is better than rain as it melts off slowly and is easily absorbed by the ground. All branches of the Kish can be in play if anyone has preferences. Mostly sunny and increasing temperatures going into the outing should make for good pre-spawn bass fishing. Many techniques could work like jerkbaits or swimjigs. along with the consistent plastics bite. I don't think it will be topwater time yet. Perhaps those still fishing later in the day might want to give it a try.. Water temps are still cold so I recommend bringing an extra set of dry cloths in case of a mishap..
  13. Thank you Scott yes I can see the events now!
  14. I will not be able to make this event. You boys have fun and catch a lot of smallies. Calendar seems to be working good whether or logged in or not. Thanks, Scott.
  15. I have changed the permissions so everyone should be able to view all the events on the calendar. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  16. I tried signing out and sign back in and it is still blank!
  17. FYI we’re looking into the calendar issue and hope to have it fixed soon, looks like last nigh’s storm didn’t raise the water levels too much which bodes well for Saturday’s float ?
  18. I can only see the events on the calendar when I am logged in. If I am not logged in then there are no events on the calendar.
  19. rich mc

    Black Stealth Cougar

    i can see furled tail and body of eyelash yarn under the foam head
  20. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    in words of Ed Buric ITS TONIGHT
  21. Perhaps there is a permission issue. Can anyone that is not an ISA officer see the events in the calendar?
  22. k olson

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    All kinds of good input on this thread, I think what type of water you are going to fish is really important for the different style yaks. I mostly agree with Eric's thoughts; however if you ever plan on fishing 500-1000 acres lakes you better be rigged up exactly like the picture he posted if not more. I have fished in the KBL for the last 3 years and I'm getting left behind & having trouble staying competitive because I'm paddle only, most of the people fishing in this league have a pedal drive and or a small battery powered motor. Good luck.
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