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  2. I think releasing this fish is just more important to people than the actual significance of it. If it was me, you bet your ass it would be stuffed above my mantle. 22,000 acres of watershed. One fish. Please.
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  4. There's been talk of making Great Lakes warmwater species a separate record class, just like they separate inland trout from lake Michigan trout. Any thoughts on that? The potential for growth is phenomenal in the Great Lakes. I believe that this will be a record shattered a few times. I have friends who were catching big smallmouth in LM well over 20 years ago. I'm surprised its taken this long, but perhaps the need to own a record is not as important to some anglers therefore goes unreported. Personally, I prefer river to lake fishing. Still is very cool and very impressive.
  5. The only club in the state devoted to smallmouth bass fishing. A new state record is caught and only 2 of us are discussing it on the club forum. I can't even begin to understand the reasoning for this, but maybe the idea of message boards has run it's course. This should be fun to talk about, right? Crickets.....yikes. FB, Instagram, Twitter and even Tik Tok are blowing up over this. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.
  6. Thank you,Tom once again you were a more than gracious host. Also thanks to all that attended. Last night was one of the more enjoyable evenings that I have had in quite a while
  7. Thanks everyone for attending. It was great as usual. We will do it again next year.
  8. Dale bowman did an excellent write up. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/10/15/20916246/joe-capilupo-catches-illinois-record-small I saw a video of it being released today and it was in a cooler looking reasonably shit kicking. Holy cow, a shore fisherman tageting bass, caught and released alive, the state record. What a great fish story.
  9. 8 of us made it to Tom Loo's Thai Garden for excellent food and friendly conversation.
  10. Last week
  11. I do remember reading that the large females were tracked to deep, cool water in the summer while their male (smaller) counterparts were staying more shallow in order to forage. The reason being that they expended a lot more energy protecting nests during the spawn and so forth. The answer to "why travel so far?" was....because they can. The whole "small fishbowl vs. large fishbowl" theory. But the studies also found that they always come back home, even in such a large footprint.
  12. I don't see them catching hawgs either, because I'm not there, but I do see the photos. THE Ralph Steigers and many others are posting some absolute Megatrons day in and day out. What we DON'T really know is where they go in the hottest days of summer. Even the tracking program by Savitch many years ago didn't do much to solve the riddle. Of course, now we have reefs and underwater cameras and YouTube.....
  13. Due to business conflict I can't get out of I won't be able to make tonight's dinner and will have to miss out on a meal from my favorite Thai restaurant. Have fun everyone and hope you have a great turnout.Get some good pics!
  14. I have been pulling that or a similar pointy little !@#$ out of my shoes for a really long time. It's amazing how many can accumalete in your shoes. if you wade in sneakers, which I do probably tend to notice them more. but good point about not transferring them.
  15. The last time that I fished the Kankakee River, (about 3 weeks ago) I noticed that the river bottom felt different to me through my wading boots. It felt kind of soft and crunchy. The river was pretty muddy at the time so I could not see much on the river bottom. I didn't think much of it at the time. When I got home after the trip, I rinsed my wading boots and waders in the yard using a garden hose like I always do. A couple of days ago as I was getting my gear ready to fish the Root River, I noticed that there was what looked like dried mud stuck in the tread of my boots. I took a closer look at the boots and found a bunch of tiny snail shells stuck in the tread. I had to use a screw driver to dislodge all of the snail shells from the boots. That seems to explain why the Kankakee river bottom felt kind of crunchy. Some Internet searches for invasive species of snails in Illinois and the Midwest indicated that the snails could be New Zealand mud snails. The snail shells that were in my boots (see attached photo) seem a bit larger than pictures of New Zealand mud snails that were on a link on the IDNR web site, but they look pretty similar. I called the IDNR and left a message regarding the snails, but I have not heard back from anyone yet. I would like to know what kind of snails that were on my boots. I will let you know what happens when and if the IDNR gets back to me. In the mean time, I am going to start inspecting my boots and waders for contaminants after I rinse them off and dry them.
  16. Woo Daves was the only one that targeted smallies exclusively as I remember. His bag was 14 fish at 27lbs. Under a 2 lb average. You constantly hear about giant fish in Lake Michigan, yet you really don't see or at least I don't see many people catching them. Here is Ike downtown
  17. It was fascinating to see developments during our Classic here, as the anglers could technically go as far as the Kankakee on the river system. On practice day, we witnessed the pros pulling their boats out of the Cal Sag in Alsip. Biggest fish of the tournament was just over 4 lbs, but it isn't as striking as a Classic in Pittsburgh a few years later where Big Bass weighed just over 2 lbs. Woo Daves' haul of 5 smallies at 13 lbs. on Day 2 was the biggest bag of the Chicago Classic. Kind of surprised me that they never really traveled to find some heavier green fish.
  18. That was super cool, thanks for always finding and sharing posts like this
  19. Thanks for the fly fishing tips. Good stuff. 👍
  20. Okay so 15 years. That's my point. This was a hard fought battle and I am so glad to see this wasn't an "accident" fish. With all the talk over how big lake michigan SMB are, you would think it would not have taken this long. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/3/27/18444327/finding-a-weigh-certified-scale-and-record-fish-around-the-chicago-area Dale starts that 2019 article out. I still think the Illinois-record smallmouth bass will be caught on the Chicago lakefront. But then I’ve thought that for nearly 20 years. That second guy I know..sort of.. He is one of my nephew's friends and a good and very nice guy. I was pretty certain he was going to break the record since he works his ass off for it. If you go out on the lake in a boat where the bottom is not coated in algae it's coated with sandpaper and razor blades so dragging a jig on the bottom means slowly cutting your line. It's really that bad, the bottom will cut 10 lb braid like butter. Pretty cool though, that while it would be perfectly legal and reasonable to keep that fish weigh it, mount it, eat it.... whatever that both guys went thru pretty great lengths to keep it alive and release it... just out of effin' respect and nuthin' else.
  21. March 2004 it was changed. The final weigh-ins at the Classic were fun to see, but we enjoyed the Trisha Yearwood concert in Soldier Field as well!
  22. I don't remember it being catch and release but I could be wrong. it's at least been since 2012 (the last reg guide I could find on line), 1 over 21". Which was 7 years ago. Fishing Lake Michigan for smallies is hard. When they had the Classic here in '01 , I don't think there were any really big fish caught.
  23. It is or has already been released back into the lake as well. This record was only possible because they changed the regulation for Smallmouth in Lake Michigan from Catch and Release only to one trophy Bass. Guys in tournies caught records for decades previously.
  24. Amazing! Lake Michigan catch I see as many predicted.
  25. There is a pic of it on a certified scale. Cool. https://www.facebook.com/groups/188766751780168/
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