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  2. Here's the motley crew, fun breakfast, great restaurant. Good to see my fellow ISA members in the winter months
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  5. I’ll be in the booth. Show hours are Thursday and Friday 12-8, Saturday 10-7, and Sunday 10-5. Schaumburg Convention Center 1551 North Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg If anybody is around the Show Sunday at closing, we usually go to Tom Loo’s after if you’d like to join us.
  6. We'll have our 2nd Winter breakfast Saturday, Februrary 22nd starting at 9am at Harners Bakery and Restaurant in North Aurora https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g36459-d928638-Reviews-Harner_s_Bakery_Restaurant-North_Aurora_Illin
  7. I've been out of touch here for awhile. Are we not participating in the show this year ?>
  8. John Gillio


    Thanks for posting this guys. Gunner does some nice videos.👍
  9. I tie flies that are not used much in America. I am Welsh, Irish and German heratidge. I have serval good books from a book company in the u.k. I will provide a link. Far as materials some are already in the USA. I'll also provide links I use to buy u.k tying supply from Tying stuff,- https://www.lathkill.com/index.php?shopping_cart=yes https://www.lakelandflytying.com/ Great source for birds with feathers. https://www.cookshill-flytying.co.uk/ Books https://www.anglebooks.com/
  10. Mike G


    Here's the link to Pt I. After I it will offer II, etc.
  11. rich mc


    Gunner Brammer who was at the early 2years ago has launched a 4 part u tube on tying jigs . called spin jigs 1 and 2 so far. well done and easy to follow
  12. is that hank in the far right , he is a member of slsc and joined isa at the early show rich
  13. In spite of the weather 9 members and one guest turned out for a friendly breakfast get together this morning. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast and pleasant conservation among a dedicated group of smallmouth addicts.
  14. Doesn't look that bad out there, I'll be there. It is Winter after all.
  15. Yeah supposed to start raining around 4 am. Roads will be sloppy but should be safe.
  16. It doesn't look to be all that bad for tomorrow morning. I will be there unless it is God awful on the roads. See you all there.
  17. I plan to be there...as long as the roads are safe for driving.
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  19. We should probably add that 90% of it is wadeable at regular to lower than average water levels.
  20. Yep. I have waded over 90% of it in Winnebago Co.
  21. James M

    Kish open?

    I never fished the Kisk and I am from Plainfield. Is there good streaches of this river that are wadeable?
  22. Shifting precipitation patterns, more frequent rainfall. You can read up on it here: https://www.americanrivers.org/threats-solutions/clean-water/impacts-rivers/
  23. That too as well as dam removal. Now if we could do the same on the Fox, can you imagine what kind of fishery it could become.
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