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  2. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    Good time and nice to see everyone.
  3. Last week
  4. For the 10th year running, come January, we will be holding our award winning central Illinois fly tying events. I know it's a little early but I wanted to get this out there so you can plan your "month of Sundays" with this in mind. Central Illinois Fly Tying Gathering to be held: January 28th Sunday 1PM - 4 PM Bloomington, IL at the firehouse 1911 Hamilton Rd. 61704. There is no cost to attend this event. The event runs from 1PM to 4PM but afterwards the group will likely adjourn to the nearby Famous Dave's for a little BBQ and beverage. All are welcome, both ISA and Non ISA members alike, as well as beginning fly tiers. More information will be forthcoming in the near future, so stay tuned. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me here at the ISA forums. Rob G
  5. It was nice seeing everyone at breakfast this morning . Helps with the winter blues can't wait for the next one!
  6. Boundary Waters

    I decided on ffing up in the Boundary Waters in the 60's after witnessing a friend of my father catch walleyes and bass with a white bassbug during a white fly hatch. These days at least whenever any politician comes out in favor of trashing the environment for a quick buck you can always count on there being an (R) behind his name
  7. Where were these pictures taken?

    The Hennepin Canal is correct. The others though, are not from SR. But you were close Siusaluki. They are actually from Matthiessen State Park, Dells area. I am fortunate to live two miles south of this park. Rob G, Thanks for the compliment.
  8. Where were these pictures taken?

    Not sure as to where they were taken but I can tell you where a couple of those are going. ..... My computer desktop. Well done
  9. Where were these pictures taken?

    Hmmm....Starved rock and Hennepin canal?
  10. Where were these pictures taken?

    I like the shots. I am no photographer, so I cannot help you refine a thing. My photos are taken with a point and shoot set on smiley face . I am quite familiar with the areas photographed, however I will leave that part up to other members to answer also.
  11. While laid off, I decided to take my camera out and practice long exposure water pics. My set up is an older Sony Nex-5 with an FD adapter to use with my old Canon manual focus lenses. Based on the pictures I see here, we have several photography experts. I welcome all feedback from those who can help me refine my photography skills. Edit: The title changed. I decided to post multiple pics.
  12. photo test

    The rare and elusive jackalope.
  13. photo test

    Obviously you have not spent much time with this group
  14. photo test

    That's most definitely a deer!! You have recognizable hooves, antlers, hair eyes etc. It's not like some random skeleton that could potentially be identified as any number of ungulate species...
  15. photo test

    Looks like Tim Curry to me... .
  16. photo test

    Let's try this again. Stumbled upon this on one of my last wades this fall. I'm thinkin' Moose here, but I'm open to suggestions ?
  17. Boundary Waters

    I spend a week up there every year. Why can we not leave good enough alone!
  18. Boundary Waters

    It is sad to read this. I have been to the BWCA every year for 12 years. One of the best places to get away from artificial noise.
  19. photo test

    Checkout the fun artwork of Richard Blanco on Instagram. Lots of fly-related stuff... http://instagram.com/slackertide
  20. hanukkah

    Happy Chanukah! All eight days.
  21. photo test

    Isn't that where Jake and Elwood live?
  22. photo test

    1060 West Addison
  23. photo test

    Your address is 900n. Michigan ave. Apt007 chicago
  24. photo test

    It looks to me that in the process of uploading the EXIF data (including location data) is lost.
  25. photo test

    Test pic geotagged from home
  26. photo test

    Hey Eric, quick question for you. If I post a photo using this new enhanced direct to thread procedure, can someone open up the "inspect" and derive any useful information from it, such as where and/or when photo was taken? Using a 3rd party hosting site prevents that, correct?? Thanks for your input. Rob
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