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  2. usually it's just a matter of adding the isa email address to a safe sender list. should be somewhere in your settings
  3. All ISA stuff is going directly to junk mail. Not able to figurie out how to prevent that.
  4. Not yet. Yesterday morning I changed it to get notifications for everything. Still nothing.
  5. shoot meant to reply to this.... i only have it set up for new topics. maybe undo all your following and then redo? did you figure it out?
  6. Watched a program last night. Tough to watch, but a strong reminder of what those who protect us go through and have gone through to keep us and our nation safe.
  7. Even though there are no official celebrations because of the Covid-19 please take some time today and remember those that gave so much for are great country!
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  9. Must just be me. Still can't figure out what is wrong.
  10. Was out twice today.  There are loads of ponds here in Bloomington IL.  1 time nothing then later on caght some bluegill, largemouth, red ear and had a blast.  I am a fly fishermen for the most part.  I was useing a fly called Austin, it's a wet fly and was created in Wales.  The fly is simple here is the fly. Mite post a picture later



    Hook-Wet fly hook size 6to 14


    Rib-gold or silver

    Body-gold/silver  mayler or tinsel

    Body or palmered hackle-red brown or ginger

    Wing- bronze mallard 




  11. Pends on the plastic. Many ZMan plastics are buoyant and will tail up behind most jigs. Mushroom head jigs are supposed to do that too, but a non-buoyant plastic bait will flop over flat after the jig is on the bottom for a while.
  12. Hey folks, I'm looking for a recommendation. I fish most of my soft plastics with the spider slider jig but the baits don't stand straight up. Is there a jig I can use that will stand the bait up and still texpose with the same hook size? Thx
  13. I live near Midway. We got 1.5" in 20 minutes. My gutters could not handle it. 6" total from Wednesday to Monday morning according to my rain guage. My town, Burbank and neighboring Oak Lawn got all kinds of flooding couple years ago so the state spent 20 million dollars digging out all the dirt, silt and shmutz out of Melvina Ditch (our reservoir) to bring it back to capacity. It easily filled up almost to the top. On the bright side it put my foundation repair - epoxy injection I did myself to a the test It performed admirably.
  14. But hey, there ain’t no climate change. 😉
  15. Chicago just notched its wettest May on record — for the third May in a row. At least 8.37 inches of rain has come down so far this month and, with a third of the month still to go, that tally is expected to grow. This year’s historic May rainfall broke the record of 8.25 inches set in May 2019, which had surpassed May 2018′s 8.21 inches, the previous record holder. Three consecutive rainfall records are remarkable when you consider the Windy City’s weather reports date back to 1871
  16. Is anyone else having trouble with getting notifications for new topics, topics you have posted, or topics you are following? It has been a problem for me the last week or so. I have to go directly to the forum topics page to look up things I may have missed. I've checked my settings and all seem to be in order.
  17. I would only consider the Blue Sky if I had lakefront property. The Nucanoe Frontier is the best fly fishing kayak on the market in my opinion.
  18. Mark K

    It aint a Bass Boat

    It's pretty neat. But $4000 and 170lbs.
  19. This Blue Sky yak is pretty cool, a kayak you can actually fly fish from.
  20. Hey all. I’m looking for a deal on one of these used or a similar set up. Let me know if anyone has a used pedal drive optional fishing kayak for sale. Thanks!
  21. If you’re gonna carry all that crap you might as well buy a Blue Sky...
  22. I don't want to rip on these guys nor do i want anyone else to, but this whole concept, when all is said and done money and effort wise, couldn't you just get a used bass boat (lets pretend we are not in illinois) Is it really sensible to put all this stuff $$$ in a thing you can capsize so easily? Does such a vessel even qualify as kayak?
  23. John contact the guys at Rocktown Adventures they definitely will be able to help you out with options. The Jackson Kayaks Bite FD is a great peddle drive kayak but it is just a bit over $2000 the thing to think about with a peddle is weight. I believe the Bite FD is over 90 lbs. Talk to either Kevin or Travis at Rocktown.
  24. Frank Briggs can probably give you the best answer. From what little I know, the pedal drive alone without a kayak runs around $1,000. Having both for $1,500 might have you looking for a used one
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