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  3. Too much time on my hands

    If you keep this up you will be assigned official ISA cartoonist.
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  5. Any Rod Builders here

    And it is most likely a very nice rod. I think most that by a custom rod are looking for something that sets it apart from the ordinary such as special grip shape, cool threading or inlays, your name woven into the rod, something special as a gift.
  6. Any Rod Builders here

    I just purchased a fiberglass fly rod from Cabela's for $30. I cannot purchase at wholesale a real seat, cork grip, and the guides for that amount, let alone adding on to that a blank of any kind. Crazy.
  7. Lefty Kreh

    We owe a lot to Lefty. He is up there with all some great outdoor writers like Ray Bergman, AJ McClane, and Tom McNally, all of whom kept my interest in fly fishing alive over the years. Lefty did so much that it is hard to put it all in a nutshell. He put it in his Bug. Lefty’s Bug LeftyBugOrig by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Here’s what it says. This is a bug you can make yourself with easily obtained materials. Lefty came up with it when he was a guide on the Potomac. He needed a bug that beginners could handle and cast all day. You do not need a Black Belt in One Handed Skagit Casting to catch bass on this one. Fly fishing is for e everyone. I forgot to mention that Lefty is also an internet star. A Google search will call up countless articles, blogs and videos. Recently I rediscovered the link to the classic video of Lefty tying his signature Deceiver, showing above. I think this song fits.
  8. Any Rod Builders here

    Manny, I've built about 40 rods over the past 15 yrs or so. If you want to come by some time and see my set up let me know. I have some photos of most of the rods. I could give you some tips. As far as making money selling rods, I would agree with the others. I've talked to a half dozen rodmakers that sell rods at fishing shows. Three said they were not happy about sales, and felt it was a mistake thinking they could make a buck doing it. They didn't seem happy. They had a nice quality product. Two enjoyed what they were doing. To them it was a hobby that they could do and they weren't too worried about profit margin. They just enjoyed showing their rods and talking with people who visited their booths. Selling a few rods was a bonus. They were having fun and also had a very nice product. One fellow said he was making a good profit on his rods, and was selling a lot of them. He was very enthusiastic and had amazing threadwork and designs on his rods. His rods were selling for hundreds of dollars per rod. He said he had quite a few famous people buying his rods. The people buying them were looking for something different. He was providing it. I don't know how long it took him to build up his clientele, but he said he had a nice waiting list. I think he is the exception.
  9. Any Rod Builders here

    Speaking from at least 15 years of rod building experience, NOPE !
  10. Any Rod Builders here

    I pretty much thought the same about this. I have a pretty good job but seem to always want to find ways to pay for my hobbies. I am still going to build a few for myself. I especially want to build some pack rods for the BWCA and other canoe camping destinations. Thanks Guys!
  11. Lefty Kreh

    I watched his dvd's when I first started tying. RIP Lefty
  12. Lefty Kreh

    What an awesome life to live. Such a nice guy to chat with too.
  13. NW Region 3rd Saturday, March

    Agreed. I may fish in the afternoon.
  14. Float and fly kit

    Rainbow plastics makes a kit called the Fly-N-Bubble. It comes with a bubble and your choice of 5 flies. This looks to be the same product. I may have bought 2 kits and combined them. Thanks again Mark.
  15. Float and fly kit

    Thanks Mark. I was going through my fishing gear and found it. The info about the maker had been removed. I was just wondering if anyone remembers the product and who made it. I'll look up Rainbow products. I wasn't a fly caster at the time I bought the product, oh so many years ago.
  16. Speaking of Lefty

    I read where Lefty passed away today or yesterday, not sure. Will sure be missed but the man left behind a ton of good reading material. Edit: just saw the thread in the Open forum A nice tribute to Lefty: http://www.flyfisherman.com/news/lefty-kreh/
  17. Any Rod Builders here

    Manny, I'll give you a call.
  18. Lefty Kreh

    i have meet him twice. there was never a better ambassador for fly fishing than him. i am going to introduce 10 anglers to fly fishing this year as a tribute to him.
  19. Any Rod Builders here

    My nephew started about 2 years ago- not for the $$. He has freakish mechanical and electronics skills and converted a sewing machine into a rod wrapper. It's pretty wicked. He builds them with Winn Grips and clear wraps. They look pretty cool . He built a pretty beefy baitcaster with a Bushido blank to use for froggin' . It had a really nice Lews reel on it that had some foo-foo bearings in it- the combination feels fantastic. The beauty is you can build the rod exactly the way you want. Long term you could probably charge $100 labor for 8 hours work- give or take if you could find the right customer. Trouble is there are really nice super cheap rods today that fish really great. I bought both my boys Gander Mountain rods on sale for $19.99 with a GM reel for $24.99. The cork on one started to peel. It's not even solid cork, just a veneer going over some kind of hard foam! The guides don't have any ceramic. These things are reasonably light, we caught tons of nice bass with them in Sylvania and blugills and crappies and carp. If they were going to break, they would have broke by now. I have about a dozen, easy- St Croix, Loomis and falcon rods. The kids leave these things in my car and I fish with them when I am on lunch all time. Seriously, my favorite rod is an old Loomis SJR721 (like a $250 rod) and if one of these combos is rigged and ready, I would grab it first. Point being, that's what you are up against.
  20. Lefty Kreh

    I was just signing on to share this. What an icon in the fly fishing world. The TFO booth will not be the same without him.
  21. Lefty Kreh

    I just saw on Facebook that Lefty Kreh has passed away! Is this true if so very sad day.
  22. Any Rod Builders here

    i have been making bamboo rods for over 20yrs. while there are differences, it is best to do it because you love it than with profit in mind. timothy
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