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  2. If you get a chance to get your name on the list then do so. This is a gorgeous river with the toughest fighting smallmouth you’ll ever have on the end of your line. Please enjoy this newly released video and help save the Menominee River....
  3. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/environment/ct-freshwater-mussels-mapping-project-20200925-thwow2xmyrcx7lda34sxhr6keq-story.html#nt=pf-double chain~in-other-news-chain~flex feature~curated~mussels-fri-1115a~THWOW2XMYRCX7LDA34SXHR6KEQ~1~1~1~4~art yes
  4. They’re not otters, but endangered mussels in Illinois play a crucial role as environmental sentinels. ‘They all have a story to tell.’.webloc From Chicago Tribune
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  6. i should have one done on the boat launch repair. work at shabbona just have to have my daughter get my photos off my phone to email rich
  7. The deadline for the next printed edition of the newsletter is Friday, September 25th. If you have an article you’d like to submit or if you’ve read an article you think would be of interest to other members, send it to ferguson.crystal@sbcglobal.net if you are not the author, we do need to have permission to reprint.
  8. I fished out of this boat, it's a really impressive machine and 12 is a freakin steal. I would love to own it.
  9. There is an area on the lower DuPage River near the campground below the breached lake south of Shepley Road that was at one time full of tires that needed removal. I haven't floated that area in awhile and maybe they have since been removed or washed out but that would be an area worth checking out. Not a bad area for smallmouth fishing either. Shhhhh.
  10. Coal ash along the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River. Will Vistra Do What's Right? Photo by Jeff Lucas. Your Voice Now Will Make The Difference for Future Generations The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act, passed in 2019 was just the first step in bringing about regulations that will protect Illinois residents from the effects of toxic coal ash pollution. Over 80 coal ash storage sites throughout Illinois are threatening the health and safety of our r
  11. Got it Tim. We are nearly 75% full for next year's trip. I want to remind everyone to get your deposits in. Without a deposit, I can't hold your reservation.
  12. Scott, Put me down for Group 1 8/7-8/10. Tim Goodman
  13. No Early show this year. Mayslake posted no outside rentals for 2020 back in May. I may make up the Cane Cast & Compare on 10/17 if Glenwood is open.
  14. Good to hear. Any decision on whether or not you’re going to try and hold The Early Show?
  15. My experiment with my jet river boat is over. I'm just not using it enough to keep it. I'm also going to be moving in the next year and won't have room for it anymore. The boat is everything I was hoping for, easy to fish from, and perfect for rivers. If interested, call me at 630-209-9452 Scott
  16. Good turnout - 21 signed in plus a few more. Rain wasn't too bad & it stopped by 10:30. Both shops brought some great new gear and Doug Taylor helped with spey casting lessons. It was good to see some familiar faces but there were 7 who were first time at the event. Thank you to all who came and to Jeremy & Zach from Dupage Fly & Ike from Orvis.
  17. Looks like rain is going to keep me away from this event. Too bad.....
  18. Bring a folding chair, it makes it easier to stay safe. Picnic tables don't work well to maintain 6" distance.
  19. Doug Taylor, Sage Pro staff will join us. Doug is a great spey instructor so be sure to get some help from Doug. Zach Van Dyke from Dupage Fly Fishing is bringing: G - Loomis IMX Pro 7wt. G - Loomis Asquith 8wt. Scott Meridian 8 wt. Sage Payload 10wt. Sage Sonic 6 wt. Ike from Orvis Yorktown is bringing: Clearwater 5 & 7 wt. Recon 7 wt. H3 Mission spey I will bring Orvis Superfine glass 5wt & 8wt plus some favorites & spoold lines to test on your rods.
  20. Know the location of a junk tire? Maybe that old white wall is right next to one of your secret spots and you wished it were gone. Like me, you’ve seen a few but can’t get them out in that moment. I’d like to help remove them, no need to tell me it’s your secret spot I can work with you individually if you know of a few here or there, or if you know of an area that has many tires we can organize a larger group. Please keep in mind that I’m in Plainfield, so within 50 miles or so is my ability. Any river, creek or lake as long as it’s public and legal. No large tires please i.e. truck
  21. Cast & Compare 2020 Saturday 9/12/20- 8:00am to 12 noon Glenwood Forest Preserve 1644 S. River St., Batavia, IL. 60510 Bring one or more of your new or favorite rods to compare to others. This is a great chance to try other rods on the water to see what you like. If you are new to fly fishing come out & learn! Test new gear from Orvis Yorktown & Dupage Fly Fishing are coming. Join us & bring a mask. We will practice social distancing as required. Casting space on shore but bring your waders we're right on the Fox river.
  22. Tail = Craft Fur (CF) Body = Craft Fur (CF) Flash = Krytal Flash or Flashabou Head = Deer Hair or Deer Body Hair (spun Muddler style) Hook = Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 or 1. CF Muddler is short for Craft Fur Muddler. Hope that helps. Very easy fly to tie.
  23. Request first week tues-sat again next yr please
  24. “Professional fish” 😄
  25. i think the tail is craft fur[hair], deer hair in the middle and the muddler head. tom is the master of this fly which may have been in a past newsletter
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