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  2. Yeah that's pretty f'd... it just doesn't even make any kind of sense to do anything like that even if you "own" both sides of the creek/river.
  3. That looks heartbreaking and disgusting, as Andy said. I hope you do call some of the authorities and can get some action, or the very least explanations.
  4. Thanks for the great write up and sharing all the ordeals of a competitor! Enjoyed the read.
  5. DESPITE WHAT ANNOUNCEMENTS YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN- Robert Thompson, the filmmaker of Summer Haze, will be speaking at the Oak Brook Trout Unlimited meeting on Wednesday night at 7:00 pm at the Oak Brook Rec center, Central park west building, and he will be talking about his latest film. Go to www.obtu.org for directions to the building. Here is what Flylords mag had to say about it: "Fly fishing is continuing to evolve into a sport where more unique species are targeted every day. Smallmouth bass are quickly becoming one of my favorite species to target on the fly. This film trailer targets these fish, as well as quite a few other freshwater predators that are changing the way that we catch fish on the fly. In this video, Robert Thompson shows us the warmwater opportunities that the midwest has to offer. This includes some crazy topwater eats, as well as some fish that fight so hard, you won’t believe you are in a landlocked state. This film is already getting us pumped for summer and we can’t wait to see the full production." OBTU Meetings Resume September 18 With Robert Thompson on Great Lakes Steelhead and Conservation Issues Our monthly meetings resume on Wednesday, September 18 at the Oak Brook Recreation Center Central Park West Building at 7 p.m. with Robert Thompson as our featured speaker. Guests are welcome. Thompson is an Emmy awarding winning producer currently living and working in Chicago. A former Michigander, Thompson grew up in the northeast part of the state as an avid fisherman and found his way to a fly rod in 2004. Fly fishing soon became an obsession and in 2009, he combined his background in film and television and his love for fly fishing to create fly fishing documentaries. His first film "Night of the Hex" was released in 2010, followed closely by" Musky County" in 2011, "Heart of the Drifltess" in 2012, "The River" in 2014, "Spey Daze" in 2017 and latest release "Summer Haze." All of his films are set in the Midwest and parts of four have been featured in the national Fly Fishing Film Tour.
  6. A neighbor tried to straighten part of my creek about two years ago. I called the county engineer and he came right out and put a stop to it. Matter of fact, he had to repair the damage right away. They, of course, had no permits to do it.
  7. Was this public property ?
  8. Thanks for the review. I wish Z-man would do a Helgi in their Elastec material. It woul d never stop moving.
  9. I’m glad to NOT have to carry the bump board around any more, as the Ketch 26” bump board is heavy like a small boat anchor! Forgot to mention that while combing the Fox for big smallmouth, I caught three muskie in August/September while the river was low and the topwater bite was “on”. They all hit topwater and measured 39”; 29”; 31”. Two came on the Whopper Plopper 75 and one on a Megabass Dog-X Diamanté “walk-the-dog” style topwater. I was thankful to have my Lucid Grips with me for easy head control and unhooking over the side of the kayak. The 39” is my largest Fox muskie to date.
  10. Start making some phone calls. IDNR, IEPA, county water district, etc. Disgusting.
  11. WTF? Sorry for your loss ... you, Mother Nature, and all else who previously enjoyed that area.
  12. It appears that the lower reaches of one of my favorite creeks is becoming a drainage ditch. It made my stomach turn when I saw this. There had been some nice holes in this stretch of creek. Looks like it will run right down the middle from here maybe to the mouth. I didn't drive to the next bridge downstream to see.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Nice write up Eric. I realized early on there was no way I was going to be able to really compete in this one. Congrats to all for competing, to the top 3 for making it close and to Collin for the big win.
  15. Really great competition this time. Was fun to keep track of..unfortunately for me, from the bottom. Congrats to Colin, Eric, and John for putting up some truly awesome scores. Just about everyone had really respectable scores though. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have a ton of time to fish and the stretches of the Fox I fished weren't very productive when I did have time. That's fishing though sometimes! I believe there's another in October for any who missed out this time. I won't have any more time to fish this time around, so I think i'm gonna sit this one out.
  16. Didn't clinch first place on this one but it was a fun tournament and I caught some great fish. Came super close to winning it. Collin L. (tournament organizer) got on a really good bite over the last few days and culled all his fish with an 11.25" upgrade to leap from third place to first place and secure the win. He was on fire and there was no countering the caliber of smallmouth he was scoring. Not sure what river Collin was on but I'm guessing somewhere north (not Illinois). The fish are very dark and fat. John Schenk of the ISA was an extremely tough competitor and was putting up brute smallmouth from his local river(s). I think he fished the K3 and really repped it well! I could not believe how quickly John countered with big fish. Seems like we battled back and forth for most of the tournament. I was super impressed with John's fishing abilities and the consistency of the big ones he was catching. The deluge of rain across Wisconsin and northern Illinois late in the tournament made things interesting. I love high water fishing but the Fox rose so quickly that it seemed to overwhelm the fish and it took several days for the bite to settle in. I looked high and low for brutes and they were very tough to find. I caught a 19" on Friday morning as the Fox hit around 6K cfs and didn't catch anything over 18" Saturday or Sunday. Here's a breakdown of my five biggest smallmouth scored, where they came from, and what I caught them on: 21" - kayak fishing, mouth of the Lemonweir River at the Lemonweir/Wisconsin River confluence, bone Whopper Plopper 75 19" - shore fishing, Fox River, 3/8-ounce white swim jig with 4.8" white Keitech Fat Swing Impact tail 18.75" - kayak fishing, Wisconsin River, 3/8-ounce white swim jig with 4.8" white Keitech Fat Swing Impact tail 18.25" - kayak fishing/wading, Fox River, 3/8-ounce white spinnerbait 18" - shore fishing, Fox River, 3/8-ounce white swim jig with 4.8" white Keitech Fat Swing Impact tail As with most tournaments, I had a few mishaps. I caught a giant on the Wisconsin River and after a couple pics by my friend Kevin, I held the fish in the water while I wet the bump board. The fish caught me off guard with a powerful head shake and broke my grip and escaped. It was the day after I had boated a 21" and I swore to Kevin that it was a bigger fish. So bummed I never got to actually measure it, or score it! Last week (before the rain) I was on an awesome topwater bite (Fox) with the Whopper Plopper and caught an 18.25" in the early morning. The fish seemed to have come too easily and after photographing it on the bump board and releasing it, I sat back and wondered if I had done everything correctly. Then I realized that I had not included the tournament ID in the photo. Fail. Yesterday (last day of the tournament) I found THE FISH that I had been searching for all day. It was on the DuPage River -- which was high and muddy. I was stuck with shore/wade access and found a submerged storm drain with clear water flowing in and just stacked with 3-4" bluegill. I had a swim jig tied on and stuck my rod about halfway into the storm drain with around foot of line out. I felt a "thud" and things went tight. I pulled the rod out with a brute smallie short-leashed and it took drag as it tried to run back into the drain. Then it came back out and jumped and cut my line (15 lb Power Pro braid) on the edge of the concrete lip of the drain. My heart sunk as I watched the beast smallmouth continue to jump several yards from me and try to shake the swim jig. I like this type of tournament due to being river smallmouth only AND allowing shore fishing. Having no penalty for open mouth on the fish allows you to get the most out of the fish and take bump board pics much faster. Smallies especially fight the "mouth closed" deal and twist and buck on the bump board. Not having to worry about that is a Godsend and allows for a much quicker release. Congrats to all who competed and especially to Collin for the W.
  17. Cool! Thanks for the review and for sharing. I need to give these a try! Still have a small (new) pack of Case hellgrammites you or Rob P. gave me in 2002!
  18. Last week
  19. Very cool soft plastic. Much larger than any real live helgie I've ever seen (and I fished with them a lot). By the time a hellgramite gets anywhere near the 3" mark they are making their way out of the water. By the third year they crawl up on a bank and burrow under rocks, form sort of a cuccoon and then transform into a Dobsonfly. The head/thorax portion is thicker than the abdomen and it is almost as if this bait were designed to use with a 1/8 oz keeper hook. It's very durable. I caught 8 smallies, foot long ones, with the same one and it's still good. The bait with the keeper hook looks specatacular on the bottom. I got the olive flavor and it blends with the bottom so perfect that the shine from hook sticks out like a sore thumb. I think this might be a good one to whacky rig too. I am not convinced that fish think it's a hellgramite but it looks very natural on the bottom. However I caught everything with a fast twitchy retrieve so much for that https://www.tacklehd.com/products/hd-hellgrammite If there is any disappointment, I saw this video and was expecting more action. The ones I have are stiffer than this. https://youtu.be/GhNEKZp5NM0
  20. Thanks for the fly info. As for the long walks, I feel the same way. They just haven't been as long this season. I was saving that long one for you, but as long as you are going to be biking it looks like I'll be hitting that little creek with another fellow who just got into fly fishing /creek fishing last yr. I'll let you know how it goes. It would be nice if he found that Brutus that may be around the next bend.
  21. also in the news.... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/09/travel/alaska-arctic-national-wildlife-refuge.html https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2019-09-12/interior-finalizes-plan-to-open-alaskas-arctic-national-wildlife-refuge-to-oil-drilling
  22. Done. https://www.npr.org/2019/09/12/760203456/epa-makes-rollback-of-clean-water-rules-official-repealing-2015-protections
  23. This event is cancelled. The decision is easy as every branch is unsafe for floating not even close to fishable. This won't be able to be rescheduled for 2 weeks at least. That's too bad because September can be a great month to fish the Kish for smallmouth
  24. I will be family camping at sugar river county park with in laws for a few nights starting Saturday , location influenced by my selfish desire to fish sugar and rock. Couldn't imagine fishing there though will be a serious river blowout anything originating way north Illinois or Wisconsin. Crazy I recently fished turtle creek in Wisconsin at about 130 cfs and now it's like 3000 cfs
  25. I understand. We did get some heavy rain last night and more on the way tonight. All branches came up significantly except the deep south branch. I could end up rescheduling if we get pounded by rain tonight.
  26. I am going to try it Saturday or Sunday. I also tied one the 6th one down in the link below. My son and I were catching enormous bluegills with it in this really clear pond in Wisconsin. http://www.bigriverfly.com/p/fly-bin.html
  27. I'm out. Looks like you guys are getting more rain tonight plus decided I need to do some stuff at home. Sorry...
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