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  2. I talked to the guy who runs the resort/motel we stay at and as of yesterday he had one small remaining pile of snow. He is right on the border in Lac view desert. two people I talked to said fishing has been very slow.
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  4. Don't be afraid to post your thoughts on them here. I'd like to here what you think.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on PSC. I would like to improve my canoeing skills.
  6. First, I'll say you dont need lessons for a casual trip. However, this past Sunday, I took a class through Prairie State Canoeists. They teach paddling techniques according to the ACA. Highly recommend it even for the seasoned paddler. Yes, I was the only one with a fishing kayak. That said, I learned a bit and it was definitely worthwhile. I've improved my efficiency in paddling so as to not wear myself out as much. I learned the draw stroke and other braces. Will make it much easier to position myself than worrying about the approach so much. We practiced self rescues, so if I were to ever go for a swim on accident, I know and proved I can enter the boat again. For smaller waters, not quite as much a concern, but I do venture onto some lakes. They also have a moving water class that teaches how to leverage eddies and other manuevers.
  7. Thanks for the review. They've been mentioned on here before. And are waiting patiently in my shopping cart.
  8. Cool. I'll just buy a Michigan annual for Sylvania then.
  9. Did someone say a Michigan license is all we need?
  10. Any suggestions for lower back support for Jackson Coosa kayak seat? My inflatable wrap around worked great for a few years but is leaking badly now and need new one.
  11. The one Fox creek I routinely visit had quillbacks spawning two weeks prior to last Friday. Last Friday the quillbacks were gone and I picked up two smallies at the mouth of the creek with a swimbait and 5-inch Producto grub. I'll assume the smallies were ready to make the move soon for the spawn.
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  13. We don’t learn to fish. We learn by fishing. 

  14. Kevin Daly and I of the ISA joined approximately 50 volunteers on a beautiful Saturday morning to assist the Bolingbrook Park District in cleaning up the Dupage River as part of the 2019 Dupage River Sweep. I was extremely excited to meet Forrest Rackmyer, Dan Finn and Amanda Sillwell , Horticulturalists and Arborists of the Bolingbrook Park District and hear about their plans to help restore the river valley along the East Branch of the Dupage River through the Bolingbrook area maintained by the Park District. The River Sweep volunteers helped clean up liter, refuse and flood debris (a lot of plastic) in an area along the East Branch that stretched from the Royce Road Bridge kayak launch to the Whalon Lake waterfall downstream of the Hidden Lakes Park District trout ponds. Kevin and I also assisted Dan and Amanda in removing noxious Orange Day Lilys and in planting Native plugs in scattered areas downstream of the Royce Road Bridge kayak launch where the Park District has launched a major river bank restorative effort. Forrest is a avid fisherman and recognizes the smallmouth bass are not as plentiful in the East Branch and hopes his restorative efforts will help change this fact. There are many areas where the ISA can help Forrest and the Bolingbrook Park District in their cause and we look forward to forging a collaborative working relationship in the future.
  15. So let me start by saying I have not been out on the Fox Fishing yet this season. I'm sick of highwater and rain been working around it all spring and I must be getting old because I don't really feel the need to dabble or fish in the chocolate milk. My observation the other day was there are a lot of quillbacks heading into the creeks and If my memory stands correct they are usually ahead of the smallies coming into the creek before spawn. Just wondering what everybody else thinks of this years spawn and when you think the river will actually drop. I had a week scheduled for the UP this week for pre spawn bass but the river is too high and fast for getting around.. Timing is everything
  16. Yes, this last one had many ways I could have attached it to my vest or belt, as well as slinging it over a shoulder. I'm just not bright enough to use them.
  17. there is a cord attached to my wading staff with asnap on the other end of the cord which I snap to a ring on the bottom of my vest. timothy
  18. I wore my Soft Science wet wade boots for the 1st time yesterday. Here is the rundown for a couple hours fishing a sand/gravel and sometimes quite rocky stream bed: The boots are extremely lite wt and comfortable. I wore a pair of neoprene socks with them. They are relatively wide providing ample room but your feet don't slide around in them because the inner sole is somewhat tacky. The sole provides good protection for walking on rocks. I was very impressed with this. The outer soles also gripped the rocks much better than I thought they would. The shoe can be tied tightly above the ankle to keep out sand and gravel. The shoe does not have a belowed tongue however, so a small amount of sand snuck through at the tongue. This was not a problem with the neoprene socks which helped protect against abrasive sand. The shoe seems to be built well for being so light wt. Hopefully they will last me a while.
  19. For a. fellow who still has a ruler that he used in 5th grade, over the past 4 yrs I have become an expert at loosing walking sticks. I've gone through about one per yr starting with the nice piece of ash that I carried around with me for about 20 yrs. About 4 yrs back it started a fishing trip with me, but wasn't with me when I got back to the car. Lord knows where it went. At that point I decided to buy a hooked cane made of a sturdy piece of oak. The hooked end was often used to help pull me up a river bank by hooking a tree root or branch and pulling myself up the slope. It was left on a midstream rock I was fishing from. The water was low and because it wasn't needed to get back to shore, I forgot it there. Irealized it was missing when I got home. No problem, I was to fish the same area in the morning so I figured I would grab it then. Unexpected rains that evening raised the river over the rock and floated my cane away. I liked that cane enough to buy another. I was fishing from the same rock about a yr later. The low water situation was about the same. I decided to stand the cane up against the back of the rock so I would notice it when I was ready to go. I jammed it snuggly between the big rock and some smaller ones there and when I turned to leave, it was gone. ???. Being I liked that hook so much I bought another hooked cane. This was a cheap lightweight model. I doctored it up with straps so I could keep it on my body . I figured it would be hard to loose it if it were stuck to me. WRONG. Yesterday on my 1st wade of the year, it happened again. Almost back to the car I hooked a respectable smallie. It was a pretty fish so I felt a photo was in order. I was mid stream and the cane was in the way as I was trying to keep the fish in the stream while taking the photo. I unhooked it and looped the hook of the cane around my ankle so it dangled downstream as the photo was taken. Pleased with the photo and the catch/release of the fish as well as with the realization that there were bass on beds in the area, I started back downstream forgetting about the cane. I'm sure my first step allowed the cane to float free, but I was too interested in looking at the bass on their beds to even notice the cane floating away. If anyone runs across a hooked cane along a north central Illinois small stream, you can probably guess who once owned it.
  20. At the risk of sounding like a crusty old curmudgeon (RIP RK!) there's a lot of stuff that's only a matter of time... I do see glimmers of hope out there though. We'll see...
  21. I spent some time this morning at a little local pond with the tenkara rod. I fished the tenkara style flies as well as some regular wets and pull chain head marribou bluegill flies. All fished well. I was able to work around the algae patches that are quickly taking over the shore line, landing a good number of 6-7" gills, some 8" black crappie, and a 9" largemouth. This tenkara thing is fun but I'm needing to find some running water that is low and clear enough to wade. I spent the afternoon driving around in search of such a thing and was surprised to find one that fits the bill. Now I hope I can find time to fish it before a rain messes it up.
  22. This is my first time helping out with event. Will we be needing waders or are we on land all day.? 😎
  23. Wow that’s horrible! Nothing is guaranteed! Hope nothing like that ever happens again but with these leaking coal ash ponds all over it feels like only a matter of time.....
  24. Now the message went through without a hitch. It must have been temporary.
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