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  2. Good point on the $5 park fee. I'll be saving my $5 bills this week as you need exact change for the fee boxes. 8155407775 is my number if anyone in the first group needs to coordinate shuttles, talk fishing strategies, or meal planning prior to the trip. As a kayaker/wade fisherman, I do have some concerns about the water levels to start this trip.
  3. Hi Jim, I will be there same days as you and will also be kayaking. We can all help each other with kayak shuttles. There are public access points every few miles perfect for kayaks. 5$ per day for a tag that goes in car and is good for all the wisconsin public access points all day. EricG
  4. According to the VRBO website, check in time on Saturday is 3:00 pm. Checkout on the last Saturday is 10:30 am.
  5. Good info Scott, when can the very first group check in? This will be my 3rd consecutive year. 2 years ago the gauges were at 1500-1600CSF. Wading and kayaking was very easy at that level. Last year it was 2400-2600 CFS. That was a little tougher for wading but good for kayaking. At 1500 I consider the river to be pretty low, 2500 seemed about normal, but now it is at 4400CFS. I remember 3 years ago fishing was very tough for anyone without a boat in the high water. Hopefully the water continues to drop by the time we get there. When the water was low, I did best fishing the middle 1/3 of the river. We might have to work the banks if the level is in the 4000CFS range.
  6. Because you are arriving on Tuesday, you can get there anytime you like. And, because you leave on Saturday, you can leave anytime you like as well. For meals, you just coordinate with the others who will be there with you. I’m not sure how restaurants are operating during these times. There are supermarkets 15 minutes away in Marinette with anything you might want. As for flies, I’m sure someone will post who knows. As a non fly guy, everything you use on any other river will work. Whopper Ploppers have done well in the past as well as Ned Rigs, Senkos, spinnerbaits, jig and plastics, in line spinners, most smallie baits will do fine. The water levels were over flood stage recently but have been falling steadily. And if the trend continues, should be good by the time you arrive. Here is the nearest gauge, upstream of the cabin. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/wi/nwis/uv?site_no=04067500 There is a good launch a few miles upstream of the cabin where you can float in 3 to 6 hours back to the cabin, and another a few miles downstream. The launches require a $5 (?) fee. Several other places to launch on both sides of the river. You’ll find some maps showing their locations on the counter by the back door of the cabin. Address of the cabin is W 2437 Twin Pines Lane, Porterfield, Wi. The sign at the road says Tinkers Dam. Some other things to know. Cell phone service is nearly nonexistent at the cabin. There is a phone in the cabin with free long distance if you want to call home. The phone number of the cabin is; 715-732-2623 if someone needs to call you. There is WiFi and satellite TV. The schedule posted at the beginning of this thread is up to date as to who is coming and when. Any other questions post here or call me and I’ll try to help. 630-209-9452.
  7. As a first time Road Tripper, and first time on the Menominee, I have a few noobie questions: What time is check in/ check out? How are meals handled? Any fly/lure recommendations? What are the safe USGS gauge levels? I will be bringing my kayak, any advice there 🙂 Thank you in advance, looking forward to this. Jim
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  9. I'll give it a go.... we're eating via curbside pickup so, alas, I won't be able to get a dish in time. I will bring some comradery though
  10. The Pot Luck Picnic will go on as planned.We will apparently have a smaller number of people and we will be outdoors with plenty of room for social distancing so there should be little reason for concern. Be sure to bring a face mask and if you can also bring a lawn chair so that we can comfortably spread out if necessary Please let us know here if you plan on attending so that we can plan accordingly The weather looks to be perfect and we believe that we are all ready for some of that I S A camaraderie at this time Kane county has advised us that there may not be electric available at the shelter
  11. This Is amazing! More humans of this variety are in high demand. We dont own nature, just borrow it from our children.
  12. Good news on this and for chance to help improve water quality on the East Branch.
  13. Great start. Good to see out of the box thinking-. Hooks I suppose are personal choice. That said, I will go with my favorite 2/0 Umqua U505 when I copy your fly.
  14. Attaching a carabiners ( spring snap link ) to your belt, belt loop, tackle bag, etc, allows you to easily slide the cane in and out and keep it out of the way when not in use. Or just slide it under your belt. Works for me anyway.
  15. Ah ha. I like that idea, thank you. Adding a weight to it was such a pain so I will definitely try that.
  16. i would also reverse the head to make it a slider if you want weight for castingyou cam wrap the body with a cross cut rabbit strip.it will cast good with a spinning rod when wet
  17. I use a cheap extendable hiking pole tethered to my wader belt by a 550 cord, kind of dangerous. It floats behind me while not needed and close to hand when moving through sketchy areas. Cord can get really jammed up with piles of eelgrass sometimes. I like John’s wooden cane idea, multi purpose and a bit safer.
  18. This is my second attempt at a weighted popper. I have nearly zero experience at tying , watched a few videos and have spent limited time in front of a vise. I also did a few attempts at what might count for Clouser minnows. I need to learn some basic tying techniques. Jeez, maybe I should read a book. Anyway, I tried the popper tonight while wet wading just before sunset at a river near me but no luck. It worked very well in my opinoin but I might be fishing it wrong. I understand how to get a largemouth to take it on pond but have never tried something like this to specifically target smallies. I'll keep tying and messing with the weighted part that makes this fly more unique to me. My goal here is a hand tied popper for flipping and pitching with a spinning rod while floating, hence the weight. Any color suggestions or ideas would be very welcomed. Double Barrel Popper and Slider Body - large (sliced it open from the bottom and removed some of the inside to accommodate the weight) Pencil popper hook - size 1 1/16 oz weight - pinched on the hump of the shank Flash blend mixed w/ streamer hair Bucktail Rooster saddles Legs- round rubber medium. Eyes - 6mm 30 lb test weed gaurd
  19. I hope this can be reversed if new administration gets in.
  20. i was just looking at that site last week, getting curious about chasing trout.
  21. I saw this message from the Driftless Angler. Timber Coulee. I never fished it but I did ride my bike thru the area. It's freaking beautiful. https://www.driftlessangler.com/articles/view/504
  22. https://www.tu.org/blog/new-nepa-rule-a-disappointment-for-anglers/ What is it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Environmental_Policy_Act
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